Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Levi James

Meet the Cranford's - Family of four.

Levi was Born July 20, 2011 at 3:07pm - 8lbs 19 3/4" Long. 

Welcome to the world, my sweet baby boy! 

Time line:
7:00am - Arrived at the hospital
8:35am - Started me on Pitocin (sp?)
10:58am - Dr. Boyd broke my water
1:15pm - I {finally} got my epidural
2:20pm - 100%, 10 cm {Push Time}
3:07pm - Levi James was born, healthy

I must say that this was a VERY enjoyable labor and delivery compared to what I went through with Cori. Besides the two hour+ wait on the epidural, and Levi deciding he wanted to come out face up (causing him to get stuck under my pubic bone and scare me to death as his heart rate dropped to 90 beats per minute and the Dr. and nurses started using Dr. lingo) - everything went smooth! It was very calm and quiet in the room, I was tired so I was cat napping between pushes. 

I have some funny stories to tell, but they are probably funnier in person - Because the epidural took so long and I'm a wimp, my nurse gave me some medicine in my IV to take the "edge" off and in turn it make me really loopy and silly. I was slurring my words....things seemed to move in slow motion and I would randomly fall asleep mid slurred sentence. I didn't think it was too funny when James and my mom were laughing at me at the time...but now it's kinda humorous. 

They took Levi from my room around 5:20 that afternoon and I didn't get to see him again until 9:30. I was starting to get all "crazy mom" on the nursery...I phone assaulted them every 20 minutes asking when he was coming back. Apparently after his bath he had a hard time getting his own body heat back up so he had to hang out under the warmers for a few hours. 

Picture through the nursery window...he looks huge in this picture. 

Cori was VERY anxious to meet her brother so my mom stayed at the hospital with her until 9:30 - that was interesting. She was beyond exhausted, I was extra beyond exhausted and we both were aggravating each other. 

When they {finally} rolled Levi into the room Cori started making all these crazy furbie noises....she was so excited that she couldn't make a complete sentence. She was jumping and clapping and had no idea what to do with her self or her excitement. It was something I will never forget! 

CC meeting her baby brother for the first time. 

By this point I was ready to go home. I was on a mission to get released the next day and my wish came true. My OB came and saw me at 6am the next morning and said I could go home, if the pediatrician would release Levi. The nurse already assured me that that wouldn't happen and that he had to stay 48 hours. When the Pediatrician came in to take Levi to get circumcised I told him I was ready to go home and that everything was good. He agreed and said after his "procedure" he would release him. WOO HOO we were released by 5pm the next day. I was so glad to get home to Cori and I was relieved she only had to spend one night away from us. 

Proud Daddy
 I'm so in love!

Two Weeks Down

I can't believe how fast the time is going already! Makes me sad! We are all adjusting very well to being a family of four. Cori adores her brother is so involved. She wants to help me with everything which is sometimes okay, like grabbing a diaper or simple tasks, but sometimes it just makes things take twice as long and twice as messy....but I'm trying to be very patient with her and let her help as long as she is interested. Same for James LOL. 

His two week appointment was today - he's "perfect", said the Dr. He is now 8lbs 8oz and a whole inch longer! 

We've had lots of visitors and it's been nice. I'm enjoying this time at home with Mr. Levi.

I am working from home during my leave so Cori is still going to daycare everyday which is good b/c it keeps her in her routine and gives me the same time I had with her with Levi. He is such a doll. I can't believe I can love these two tiny people so much. 

I'm on cloud nine. I don't ever want to come down from this high.
I am so blessed and such a lucky girl.
Thank you, Lord, for my precious children and husband and this awesome life you have chosen for me. I am so grateful.