Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So on facebook today a friend brought up some things about Obama and this new healthcare bill - I can't comment too much on that b/c I don't have all the information on it, yet. From what I've heard, it doesnt sound good though. Anyway, someone commented back on his post about how she has 3 kids, doesn't work and will take her kid to the ER for tylenol and then "worry about the bill later" she also said that she is on welfare and accepts food stamps and has no shame in it. Her excuse was "its hard to find a job and pay for daycare for 3 kids" well here was my response to her was a bit rude but its how I felt! I am so worked up over it now, and I don't even know who this girl is! I will add too that I looked through her pictures on her FB account and every single one of them was of her out drinking....can't afford to buy your kids milk and bread but you can afford to go out and party??

My response:
I hate working, I hate getting up 5 DAYS A WEEK to go to work and staying there 9-10 hours each day! I hate it. BUT, I do it b/c I have to. B/c I have myself and a family to take care of. I am SICK of going to work every day, even when my child or myself is sick just to pay my taxes in and get nothing in return. I pay my own health insurance, I pay for my own groceries and pay for daycare for my daughter (among all other living expenses) and there are people out there that don't work, party and drink on the weekends and take MY HARD EARNED TAX MONEY to support their family! There are jobs out there! It may not be the nicest, best job you would want, but there are jobs out there!!!!! If you have no shame in accepting food stamps, why have shame in flipping burgers at McDonald's? Its a job!

Sometimes I think about just giving up - having a few more kids, (we have stopped at 1 b/c we can't afford anymore) quit my job and take advantage of the benefits everyone else is getting - except in my position, I wouldn't be getting anything for free (like everyone else) I would only get what I already paid in........

I understand the point that women want to stay home with their children, trust me, I'd love to do it. But I wouldn't do it if my family couldn't afford it. I woudln't do it if it took going on welfare or getting food pride is just too high for that! I'd rather work hard for the things I have and be proud!

Those are a small bit of my feelings on the whole issue. I didn't even bring up the fact that everyday I drive down a road with government owned housing and the cars in the driveway are WAY nicer than anything I could ever afford (Or even my parents could afford)! It just doesn't add up to me! I am so proud of myself and what I have become. Yes, it has A LOT do do with how I was raised and what I was pushed to do as I was growing up, and I am VERY fortunate and thankful for my upbringing and especially my parents. I push myself now everyday! I want to be proud that I OWN my house and my cars and everything I have! I don't need help to get the things I want. If I have to work harder for extra/leisure, then that's what I do! I don't rely on anyone else to pick up the tab on my life! I do not consider myself to be better than anyone and I understand some people aren't as fortunate as I was/am but I feel like there are a lot of people that don't try the least bit and that frustrates me SO much! I just think if people did more for themselves they would feel better about things and have a better outlook on life!

I can't believe this person I don't even know has got me so upset, but I don't think it is her personally its the whole group. I have had these feelings for a long time, and only the people closest to me have heard my views on it, but its time to put it down on paper. I'm tired of feeling like I should sensor what I say (at least to this topic) to avoid hurting someones feelings.

On a side note: If I can only teach my children the value of earning things on your own and working for the things you have and want, and taking care of yourself and your family and the responsibilities that you have willingly taken on (like my parents did for my brother and I) my job as a parent will be successful!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weekly Update!

So last Thursday (3/18) we saw the Black Eyed Peas at the Houston Rodeo! They were awesome!!!!!! They put on a great show and everyone was up in their seats screaming and dancing! I had so much fun! Friday wasn't too bad at work...just another long quiet Friday!

Allie, Bridget, Kristy & Me at the Carnival!
Fergie Ferg!!!!!

Friday - I don't think we did much Friday night...I can't remember!

Saturday we woke up and went to buy some patio furniture! Its been long overdue! We found a good deal on Craigslist, but unfortunately we had to drive to Katy, in the pouring rain to get it. Poor James was soaked by the time he got it all loaded into the truck. Its nice to have it though!! Cori got car sick on the way home (again) and threw up all over herself as we turned down our street....she has done this a few times.....I'm SICK of cleaning the dang carseat! I guess she's going to be like me when I was little! greeeeeeeeat!

So Saturday afternoon I went and got my 1st tattoo! It was Alexis' idea b/c she wanted one for her birthday and wanted me to go with. I have always wanted one so I said what the heck! It didn't hurt near as bad as I had imagined! I really like it, but its hard to get used to seeing it. I have had so many henna tattoos and now when I look at this one, I keep looking down thinking it is going to be gone like the hennas! Anyway, here is a picture!

Its not done yet. I think eventually I'll add some color to it, and maybe a few smaller stars! It is on my right foot, and I love it! here is a picture of what Alexis got, she made my tattoo look like a loser!! =) her's is on her right rib cage/side! I really like it, she does too! I think she is gonna do some more pink on hers though! This picture kinda makes it look bigger than it is.

Sunday: A friend of mine is going to school to learn massages, facials, waxing and other fun stuff! She needed practice on her facials so she invited Bridget and myself to come and get a facial. It was my first facial and it was amazing!!!!! She is really good at it! She is starting on her massage therapy this week in school and said when she gets done with this section, we can come over so she can practice again! I can't wait!

Tuesday was Alexis' 24th Birthday!! Happy Birthday to Alexis! We went and ate at Chuys and it was delicious! I got a new app on my phone that takes funny pictures, so here we are at dinner!
me, James, Alexis and Jimmy!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So I found this - seems like a GREAT deal....has a lot more than what Best Buy was offering for the same price and a backpack.....ooooo. I gotta get out of this mood! I get an idea and I want it NOWWW!!!!


I've always loved photography and been interested in it for a while and I think I'm finally ready to peruse it, as a hobby - nothing too serious, unless I just get so bad ass at it =)

I have a friend and a cousin that are helping me out on where to start! I think I'm gonna go with Canon EOS Digital Rebel T1i- I found a great deal on a bundle package from Best Buy. It will probably be a few months before I can afford to drop 1k on it though. I'm thinking of taking donations!! =) We are so broke right now its uncomfortable! We have recently just acquired a 2nd mortgage and that is NOOOOO fun at all. Before James and I got married he had purchased a house and rented it out. It was always nice to have the extra income each month - well in January, the renters moved out without telling us! We have now paid 3 months mortgage on it while we are trying to sell it. Also we have our vacation next month that isn't cheap either! I am thinking that I will not get my camera until after all the dust settles and we get back in our regular groove....OH - and James is talking about baby #2 we'll see! I need a way to make some extra money!!! Maybe I should get a second job on the weekends?!?!

Maybe for the time being I'll take Shelley's advise and just start getting books to read about it and getting my feet wet in the forums! I just don't think I'll be able to stand it - reading "how too" books but not being able to read and then practice! I'll just have to tough it up!

I know lots of people with kids and I think that I would have a lot of little models to practice on!!! Also, my friend, Kristen, who just had a new baby girl had some newborn shots done and they were so beautiful and I just fell in love! I can't wait to be that good!!!

So anyway, you can make donations to my paypall account =) HAHA j/k

Thursday, March 18, 2010

dreary blog...but it gets better! Long Blog.

Last Saturday was my uncles funeral. It was not what I expected at all, and I was honestly a little weirded out by it. I'll explain. Like I said before, my uncle was in prison most of my life there for I was unable to form any kind of relationship/bond with him. It was a little strange for me to attend a viewing for someone that I didn't know but my dad wanted me there so I went. Because the family isn't huge anymore, and my uncle had no money of his own, someone else had to be responsible for the funeral arrangements, and therefor they decided on the lower amount route (which was fine with me). There wasn't any type of formal service although my cousin, Kim, stood up and spoke great and honest words. It was very nice. Basically, all it was was a viewing and a chance to say goodbye before he was cremated the following day. Because a lot of money was not spent and he was being cremated, there was no casket, no dress clothes, no makeup....the usual things you see at a viewing. It was a little disturbing to me as there he was, on a gurney covered up with sheets. All we could see was his face. So in the words of my looked like a head on a table. I could have gone without seeing this. It was a little too morbid for me. They had performed an autopsy on him the day before so I knew under the sheet was just a dead, cut up body. Luckily for me, and I'm sure a few didn't last long. We were only there for about 20 minutes before we all ended up outside visiting with each other. My dad invited the family back to his house to visit and eat lunch! It was really nice to see that side of the family all together! We have been doing Christmas together with his side the last couple of years...but before then there was a huge (probably a 10-15 year) gap that we didn't get together for anything except maybe weddings and funerals...I'm glad that we are all able to spend time together now...

So my mom went to Dallas on Sunday to spend time with my Memaw and accompany her at the cancer Dr. on Tuesday. She had a whole list of questions that they needed answers to, and my mom said the Dr. was very nice and gave her all the information that my Memaw has been missing. He said that infact her liver is not working properly but it is not life threatening at this point, but if it got worse, she would not be a candidate for a transplant. That was very hard to hear. My Memaw has always told the doctors that she did not want an expectancy time, and that she would live as good as she could until it was time...but on Tuesday she asked the question. To our shock, the doctor said a year and a half. We are crushed! She asked about quitting chemo and the Dr. said that he has her scheduled through August and he advises her to continue through what she has scheduled, but after that they, will re-asses and he would let her know what he thinks about quitting or continuing on the chemo. I have a feeling she will no longer take it after August so she can feel good and live the rest at her fullest! She is still in good spirits somehow and has a smile on her face! I don't know how she does it, but its very inspiring! Her and my mom decided they are going to plan a vacation towards the end of this year, after August. I think this really gives my Memaw something to look forward to and the planning will keep her busy and her mind off the bad stuff!

Well next week is my best friend, Alexis', 24th Birthday! She is wanting to go and get a tattoo on Saturday and somehow I jumped on the bandwagon...Still waiting for the final YES from James though. I'm thinking to start, I want to get 3 stars on my foot...later, I will have them colored in! The three stars represent James, myself and our little precious angel, Cori! I will add more, if we decide to have more precious angels! SOO...we'll see what ends up happening. I showed my mom a picture of one I found on the internet and she said its cute, my dad said its trashy and says he doesn't approve...but, I'm sure he'll get over it! =)

Tonight Bridget (SIL) my friends Kristy and Allie are going to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo!! We are seeing The Black Eyed Peas!!! I am soooo excited! I bet this will be a great concert! Tomorrow morning at work probably wont be too fun, but I'll manage!

Congrats to Kristen and Kent Vest on their 2nd little girl, Kallie! She is so beautiful!! Kensley will be the best big sister!! I can't wait to watch Miss Kallie grow just like I have watched Kensley grow!

Oh, from one of my earlier posts, I've lost 16 lbs but still have a long way to go....

Cruise is ONE MONTH FROM TODAY!! I'm super excited about this too!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 11th Already?

Where has all the time gone? It seems that It was just Christmas, now it's almost Easter!

Last weekend Cori went and spent the night with someone besides grandparents! I was a little nervous at first but it all turned out okay! We had tickets to the Houston Rodeo and to see Jason Aldean and my mom already had dinner plans with her friends, and James' mom was going to the rodeo as well so Cori went to spend the night with James' brother and SIL, and her two cousins Asher and Emma! She went over there early on Saturday morning and went to watch Asher play in his baseball game. After the game they played at the park for the rest of the day! Amanda said Cori had so much fun and played so hard! She had a bath dinner and was asleep for the night by 6:45. Sunday she woke up with a little sunburn but nothing to major! I'm glad she gets to spend time with her cousins!
She swings and says "WEEEE"
Asher and Emma pushing Cori around at the park
My poor Missy got some sun!! I think this was right before she went to bed, she looks soo pooped!

Sunday we went to the park again to watch James play softball. While we were there we went to the little playground area. Cori loves to swing and slide. She cried when I made her get in the car to go home!!!! She loves to be outside.

On a not-so-good note - we found out that my grandmother, who has been fighting cancer for years now has kidney damage and only working 40% of what it should. Apparently the Chemo treatments have damaged her only kidney. We are not sure what the next steps are at this point as the information isn't very full - my mom plans to go with her to her next dr. appointment to find more information out and ask the questions we all have!

Also, I got news yesterday that my uncle Delroy, my dad's older brother passed away. I haven't seen him in years and have no relationship with him at all as he has been in and out of prison my entire life. We don't know the story on his death either. They are performing an autopsy on him today. They say he collapsed in his cell and was life flighted to a hospital in Houston, from Huntsville. I think there is a small viewing/memorial on Saturday.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where is Ashley?!?!

Just wondering where my friend Ashely is on here! She is supposed to be updating on her new little baby girl, Sydney!!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Update on Cori

My missy has an ear infection! She is on antibiotics now, and we haven't had a fever in almost 24 hours so we are doing good! I hate when she is sick - hopefully this isn't the start of re-occurring ear infections!!! That's all I have for now, just wanted to update!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Houston Zoo!

James, Cori and I packed up and went to the zoo on Saturday! We had such a great time and the weather was PERFECT for the zoo! Nice and Sunny, and about 75 degrees all day with a nice breeze! Cori was still a little small to really enjoy her time there, but just being outside and out walking around was enough for her! We took lots of pictures and saw all the animals!! Cori's favorite part seemed to be the reptile room - she was up against the glass looking at the turtles, trying to touch the snakes and alligators! No fear! We rode on the carousel and she enjoyed that too! My favorite part was seeing her get so excited to touch the goats in the petting zoo! They had brushes to brush the animals, and she did such a great job! When we entered the zoo, they have photographers there to take you picture as a family! It was such a cute picture, I couldn't help myself but to spend $15 (OUTRAGEOUS) on it! I will scan and add it later! Here are a few pictures from our trip!
Now for the bad part of our weekend! Saturday evening Cori started with a low fever and being really lazy. I just figured it was from her big day outside at the zoo, and only about 30 mins of nap, all day. We were at my brothers for dinner so I just put her in the guest room to go to bed. She was fine and slept all night over there (we all just spent the night) but Sunday morning, she crawled in bed with James and I and threw up all over me! We decided to pack up and go home (it was early, around 6:45am) she threw up once more when we got out of the truck, in the driveway. I thought maybe she had a bug. Her fever was on and off yesterday but she was playing and acting like nothing was wrong. She had 2 very long naps yesterday so I figured she was just catching up on some sleep! Well bed time came around, no fever so I sent her to bed. She woke up crying around 2am so I went in to check on her, and she was burning up! Her temp was 103. I changed her out of her warm fleece pajamas into a cotton t shirt and gave her some more Tylenol....checked on her about 3am and her temp was down to 99. When we got up at 7, the first reading I got on the thermometer was 104 - I was in shock. I'm not sure, but I'm thinking that is TOOOO high! I looked online for what temp was dangerous for babies and they said 103 was high, so I fed her more Tylenol and stayed home with her today. I got her a Dr. appointment for this afternoon. I read that high unexplained fevers can mean some type of internal infection rather it be a bladder, or possibly a UTI. I started reading about the UTI's and that sounds like what she may have. I feel so horrible for her, I know she isn't feeling good, but she can't tell me. Hopefully the Dr. can fix her up...I hate giving her so much Tylenol! I'll update this afternoon or tomorrow oh what the Dr. says!