Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas from the Cranford Family

So I totally slacked this year and didn't get Christmas cards out! Kristen tried helping me out by creating the cutest card for us, but I was insistent on taking the pictures myself and I couldn't get a decent one of Levi. So, Merry Christmas, here are a few that I got of the kids in front of the Christmas tree. Remember, I got a new camera and I've been shooting ONLY in manual so my pictures are an indication of how much I have to learn. You can also tell by their outfit changes, that these were taken over a few different "sessions". 

(Edited by Kristen)

Yeah, he looks silly, I forgot to button his onesie.....

 This was the card that I had intentions of mailing out, but the picture for Levi wasn't in focus and I waited to long to send Kristen a more clear picture. This was created by Kristen Vest

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Learning My Camera

So we went to James' mom & dad's over the weekend for a fish fry and family time. I took the opportunity to take along my camera and play with it some. Here are some of the pictures. I am not a photo editor (yet) so these are just straight from the camera. I was shooting manual the entire time which is still slow for me. I have to think about each setting before I shoot. Its okay though, I'm still learning. Obviously there is nothing special about these pictures, I'm just having fun. Got any tips for me? Also, where is a good editing starting place?

Cori doesn't usually get to touch or play with cats...yuck 

 I can just hear her attitude through this picture
 trying to get some action shots

 getting creative LOL

 I like fire

Monday, November 21, 2011

Turkey Shirts

Another Pineterst to mark off the list!!!

Turkey Shirts for the kids! I didn't come up with the idea but you can find instructions here and here.

Here are Cori and Levi's Turkey Shirts! Super cute!!

I kinda messed up on Cori's shirt...I could have put the hands more at an angle so they actually came off the turkey body....but that's okay =) She loves it and that's all that matters!! (the second of anything always turns out better)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Creating a Pin Board for "Done"

In my "Things I want" board you'll find a picture of some CUTE camo heels! If you know me, I LOVE camo and LOVE heels, although I wear flip flops more often than not. I have a closet full of heels, most that have never been worn.  Obsessed? Maybe. Don't. Judge.

Last weekend we went down to Kemah for the day with my brother, his wife and a few friends. It was actually James' and my 5 year anniversary for the day he Kemah. We even ate outside on the deck with the ocean view where he popped the question. Special, right? If you haven't been there, you should go. A whole day full of fun!

Anyway, along the Kemah Boardwalk there are shops with the cutest stuff and I cam across my heels. $35 and I couldn't pass them up! Cori loved them too!

While I was there, I saw so much stuff that I wanted to pin - thank goodness for the pinterest app. I was able to take pictures and pin them on the is one that I added into "Dream Home". James said if our driveway is big enough when we build our dream home (which I will now make sure of) that we can have this...I love.

yea, she pinned that!

Copying Kristen's idea of blogging about pinned creations, here is one I've done recently.

I found this on pinterest and thought it was easy enough. (Head to that blog for step by step directions!!) I've been sewing for a while now and I like to think that I'm decent at it. I just recently bought an embroidery machine (well, a year or so ago) and I am having SO much fun playing around with it.

My friend, Megan, is having a little girl soon and I knew I wanted to make her and baby Kinley something special. Unfortunately I was unable to attend her baby shower, but she assures me that she loves it as much as I did. I almost didn't want to give it way, except what would I do with a baby blanket with Kinley's name on it? Here are my pictures!!
Her room is being decorated in pink and grey!

 The burp rag how to is not on the post, but it's one of my favorite things to make!!

Monday, October 31, 2011


Last week I bought my cousin's camera from her. Its a Cannon Rebel TXi - I love it and I have been practicing, learning, and using it. I've taken some nice pictures so far too, in my opinion. I've found some really informative sites helping me to learn the camera and learn about photography. I am by no means trying to become a photographer or start any type of business (I just do not have the time for that) but I would like to take nice pictures of my kids, and my family, and at events we attend. I'm excited to get going on that.

With that said:
I have lots of pictures to post, but I am only on the computer at work....and I forgot my camera (or card) today so stay tuned for Cori's 3rd Birthday Party, Cori's 3rd Birthday Day, Early Halloween in our neighborhood, and then random pics around the house of my two snuggle bunnies.

Maybe now that I have a good camera that (hopefully) will take good photos, I will blog more often....hehe, here is to hoping!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

One More Day

Just for this morning,
 I am going to step over the laundry, 
and pick you up and 
take you to the park to play.

Just for this morning, 
I will leave the dishes in the sink, 
and let you teach me how to put 
that puzzle of yours together. 

Just for this afternoon, 
I will unplug the phone and 
keep the computer off, and sit with you 
in the backyard and blow bubbles. 

Just for this afternoon, 
I won't worry about what you 
are going to be when you grow up, 
or second guess every decision have made 
where you are concerned. 

Just for this afternoon,
 I will not yell once, not even a tiny grumble 
when you scream and whine 
for the ice cream truck and
 I will buy you one if he comes by. 

Just for this afternoon, 
I will take us to McDonald's and 
buy us both a Happy Meal so you 
can have both toys. 

Just for this afternoon, 
I will let you help me bake cookies, 
and I won't stand over
 you trying to fix them.

Just for this evening, 
I will hold you in my arms 
and tell you a story about how 
you were born and how much 
I love you

Just for this evening, 
I will let you splash in the tub
and not get angry.

Just for this evening, 
I will let you stay up late while
we sit on the porch and count all the stars. 

Just for this evening,
I will snuggle beside you
 for hours, and miss my
 favorite TV shows. 

Just for this evening 
when I run my finger through 
your hair as you pray, I will simply
be grateful that God has given 
me the greatest gift ever given

I will think about 
the mothers And fathers 
who are searching for their 
missing children. 

The mothers and fathers 
who are visiting their children's 
graves instead of their bedrooms.
The mothers and fathers 
who are in hospital rooms 
watching their children suffer 
senselessly, and screaming inside 
that they can't handle it anymore. 

And when I kiss you good night I will hold you a little tighter, a little longer. It is then, that I will thank God for you, and ask Him for nothing, except one more day............. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Beach Weekend

Before I came back to work, we spent the weekend in Freeport at the beach. We had so much fun and it was a much needed mini vaca. 

Mine and my trucks first time to pull a trailer.....we were a good team! 

Silly CC

 Cori's first time to the beach! She loved it. 

 She had so much fun!!

 She enjoyed the pool with fresh water at the beach house too!

 My dad - yeah, his flag is upside down...oops

 my two sweet babies - Cori was pretending to sleep.

 My brother caught a shark.....he actually caught it about 5' away from where James' was standing about knee deep in the water.....scary!

 Everyone loves a nice bath in the sink!!

 our group! (notice the flag is correct now)

 She wanted to go deep, and she made me very nervous!

2 months! Sorry

So its already been 2 months since I've blogged. My bad. I'm not real good at this anyway so I'll try to catch you up, without boring you to death. Here goes.

James: is doing great. His A/C business is doing really good! I was so scared when he lost his full time job in January but he's making more $ and staying more busy then he ever has. I am so proud of him. He is pretty proud of himself too! We've been able to put money in savings and that is an awesome feeling. That savings will definitely come in handy this winter if his work slows down. he has some possible jobs with home builders that he is hoping will keep him busy through the winter. He's working hard & obviously doing a good job -- most of his calls are from people that have been referred to him from someone who was happy with his service/knowledge/prices. Sometimes I get aggravated when I leave before him in the mornings with 2 (not morning/grouchy) kids in tow and he's home before me watching tv. I have to remind myself to step back and remember that his job is not a 8-5 and he gets stuck in 110 degree attics for hours sometimes. Yeah, he may be done for the day by 2pm, but other days he isn't home until 9-10pm. In Texas people can not live without A/C so late night calls are necessary sometimes. I'm thankful. Super thankful. 
James had company shirts made. 

Cori: Where do I begin? This girl is something else. A friend of mine and me joke about our girls having split personalities. Cori is THE sweetest girl. She tells me she loves me probably 50 times a day (note, I am away from her from 8-5 five days out of the week, so that is a lot of  "I love you's" in a short period of time) She adores her little brother. She says that she is his mommy...and tells people that too. She tells people they look so pretty and she likes their clothes and hair. She is so encouraging. If I finish my plate at dinner she will say "Good Job Mommy for eating all of your dinner" or if I'm writing something down "Oh mommy, that is beautiful". It makes me happy that she says these things b/c I know that she is repeating what her teachers tell  her at school. (We call daycare school). If I leave the house for a walk/run/bike ride she hugs and kisses me and tells me to "Have a great exercise Mommy!" If Levi is crying she will run to him, give him his paci, and sing to him. Cori is also the MEANEST girl. if she does't get what she wants at that moment she will cut this glare at you and say something really mean - usually "I'm mad at you mommy, I don't want you to come to my birthday party". She "huffs" a lot too. If you take something from her (usually my iPad) she will scream at the top of her lungs. She cusses. (totally mine and James' fault) We have been working really hard to watch our mouths and tell her over and over how ugly the words are and for her not to say them. Now if we cus, she corrects us and reminds us that those are bad words. Her cussing phrases consist of "Oh shit" (it has been replaced with shoot) "fucker" (she added the er by herself) "What the hell" (she says heck now) "shut up" and "stupid" (The last two aren't horrible, but as far as she knows, they are now bad words!) I feel like a failed parent as we are walking out of Target and she says "Mommy, Fuck is a bad word, right? I won't say fuck anymore okay?" I totally blame myself b/c I have a bad mouth, but growing up I was never told not to cus. Cori is getting better about not saying bad words....its been a couple of weeks since she's gotten in trouble for that. On the flip side she uses her "yes ma'am, no ma'am (&sir) constantly. My girl is gonna be a strong willed, hard headed, independent woman! 

She knows how to work the iPad better than I do. She's got all her games and movies on there. We take it everywhere!

She wants to snuggle him 24/7

Cori and daddy - this is an attitude face b/c she didn't want to take a picture

Levi: Oh my sweet baby boy. He has such a laid back personality. Always cool and calm. He's starting to smile now and it melts my heart. He is so precious. I don't have much to update on him b/c he basically eats, sleeps, cries a little, kicks his legs, and hangs out wherever we leave him. At his 2 month appointment he was 22" and 11lbs - he did good with his shots. He sleep at night from about 9pm to 4-5am. He's a good sleeper and mommy is thankful since I have to get up for work every morning. I can't wait to see him grow up! 

Cori say's she's a "ROCK STAR" 

Me: I'm doing well. Started back at work at the beginning of September. Things are going good. I'm eating super healthy, exercising every day and for the most part I have a positive outlook. I'm still a little tired somedays but I feel like I have more energy the more weight I lose. We decided that we will not be having anymore babies so I have to get serious about getting back in shape. I slacked between Cori and Levi b/c I knew I would be getting pregnant and gaining all the weight back. I'm determined this time. Its been about a month of a good routine and I am really enjoying it. Its not hard this time. As far as weight loss goes....I have a long road ahead of me to be where I want to be. I'm just taking it day by day. I don't expect to ever be my 115 that I graduated High School at....(I wish) but I think I do have a realistic goal that I will be happy with. We shall see. 

This is my new "Ride" I'm gonna get my bike on!