Thursday, February 9, 2012

59 Things to do before I'm 60

Just 59 things I wanna do before I'm 60
(no particular order, some I have already accomplished)

  1. Sky Dive
  2. Take dance lessons with James
  3. Run in a marathon
  4. Visit all 50 States
  5. Create a charity foundation
  6. Cruise to Alaska
  7. Go Sailing
  8. Go Parasailing
  9. Make a hole in one
  10. Ride a horse on the beach at sunset
  11. See the Grand Canyon
  12. Go to a Shooting Range
  13. Learn to say "Hello" in 50 languages
  14. Create a Large and Detailed Family Tree
  15. Learn to Play the Drums
  16. Sing Karaoke
  17. Go to the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville
  18. Jump off a Cliff into Deep water
  19. Swim with Dolphins
  20. Visit the Titanic in a submarine
  21. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
  22. Drive a Race Car
  23. Hike in a Rain Forest
  24. Zip Line
  25. Ride a Mechanical Bull
  26. Break a Guinness Record
  27. Ride a Dirt bike
  28. Visit the San Diego Zoo
  29. Watch Turtles Hatch and run for the ocean
  30. Hug A Koala Bear
  31. Go White Water Rafting
  32. See Pyramids in Egypt
  33. Visit The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam
  34. See the Mona Lisa Paining in Person 
  35. Ride on the London Eye, the largest Ferris wheel in the world
  36. Visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris
  37. Climb the Statue of Liberty
  38. See the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
  39. Visit the White House
  40. Visit the Four Corners
  41. Go to VEGAS
  42. Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  43. Learn the Rules of Chess
  44. Learn Calligraphy
  45. Retore a Classic Chevy Truck
  46. Solve the Rubik's Cube
  47. Finish a quilt
  48. Meet the President of the US (not necessarily the current one)
  49. Meet Yao Ming
  50. Invest in the Stock Market
  51. Donate Blood
  52. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen
  53. See a Cirque Du Soleil Show
  54. Go to the lighting of the Christmas Tree in Rockerfeller Center
  55. New Years at Times Square
  56. Sleep in a Haunted House
  57. See a Ghost
  58. Be a member of the audience at a TV show
  59. Visit a movie set

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Levi Update

we went for his scans last Thursday. It was so neat to see them do it. They put this sock over his head with a transmitter and waved a wand around his head and the model of his face popped up on a screen. She took all this measurements and called him a 9.

1-4 is normal
4-7 is mild
7-14 is moderate
anything above 14 is severe

Usually any time a baby reaches the moderate level they recommend the helmet but since he is in the very low range of moderate she is leaving the choice to us. 

On the first attempt they denied the claim for the helmet calling it cosmetic. Now that we have scans done they sent the scans and pictures to the insurance to see if that would help. It will take 30 days to hear back from them. The scans are only good for 14 days. They said there is a chance of them accepting on the 2nd attempt so its worth the wait.  **We will still have to pay out of pocket b/c we have not met our deductible, but if they accept, we will get their contracted price of $2500, rather than the cash price of $3250.** 

Since they are only good for 14 days and it will take 30 for the insurance to respond, new scans will be needed. The Dr. said that since he is so low in the moderate level that we should wait on the insurance to respond, and then wait an additional 2 weeks to see how the scans change. She seems to think that a helmet will not be needed and we will see a change for the BETTER in 6 weeks. I was worried about waiting but she says that his soft spot is still large and he has time. Babies hit a growth spurt between 7-12 months so that is prime time to wear the helmet. After he turns one a helmet will not be very effective b/c his growing will drastically slow down for a while. He is sleeping on his belly now, spending more time on his tummy, and exersaucer toys so she thinks that since he won't be on his back so often that it will get better. I'm a happy momma, for now. Wish him luck!

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So Easy....

A Three year old can do it!

Yep, Cori cooked dinner last night! 

Last week I attended a Tupperware part at my cousin's house. I promised myself when I left the house that I would not purchase anything, and I would not agree to host a party. I stuck to my guns. I did both. This stuff was amazing. Have you heard of cooking in the microwave? I'm hooked. They sell a set called the TupperWave Stack Cooker. (don't look at the price and think i'm crazy. I usually NEVER spend that much on something like this but if I use it a lot, like I plan to, it will be worth the money) You can cook a full meal in the MICROWAVE in just minutes!! The rep for Tubberware demonstrated and fed us as part of her tactic to sell the crap tupperware. What a good idea she had. Last night my box came in and I prepared dinner for James, Cori & Myself. Everyone loved it. Cori especially loved "cooking" dinner for us!!  (excuse the pics, they are straight off my phone)

1 cup rice
1 cup water (I used 1.5cups of chicken broth for flavor)

1. Pour in Rice

 2. Pour in Broth

2 Raw & Diced Chicken Breasts
1 Package Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Mix

3. Put diced chicken and ranch mix in a microwave cereal bowl shake it up so the dry mix is distributed evenly on the chicken.

4. "Plop" the seasoned chicken on the 2nd level. 

Spread it out in a donut shape around the edges 

Fresh or frozen veggie of your choice. 
1 tsp water

5. I used fresh broccoli with 1 tsp water.


After 25 minutes in the mircowave, mix the top and middle layer into the bottom serving bowl and serve. I totally forgot to get a pic, dangit! It was so good and believe it or not the chicken was cooked all the way through and it was SO moist and the flavor was so good. I am so far from being a good cook but this was so easy. My husband is the master in our kitchen and he even liked it! I'm a believer and have been surfing the net for more stacker recipes. It took me 10 minutes to prepare dinner. (it could have been shorter if Cori wasn't trying to convince me that she could use the big knife and dice the chicken herself. 

Unfortunatly, Tupperware is not paying me to say these great things about them...but they should (insert smiley face) I also stuck to my guns ordered a set of microwave cereal bowls and cereal containers for the pantry. I love them all.