Wednesday, January 20, 2010

PeePee on the Potty!!!!

So Cori just keeps surprising me!!!

For the last few weeks, before bath time, while the water is running, I'd undress Cori and put her on the potty. I'd talk to her and tell her big girls go teetee on the potty. I'd usually leave her on there for about 30 seconds, she wouldn't do anything and we'd get up. Well last night my (almost) 15 month old little girl went potty on the toilet! I was SOO excited. I started yelling for James and telling Cori what a good job she did. She was just as excited as I was. We were both clapping and making a very big deal out of it. I just couldn't believe it. I do think its too early to be full on potty training her because I don't want to push her - but sitting on the potty every once in a while to get a hang of it is okay in my book! I was so excited last night that I forgot to take a picture =( Maybe we'll do a repeat tonight and take a picture of her on the pot!

Update on my weight loss - I have lost 5 lbs! I can't really see where I'm losing it from yet, and no one else has noticed that I'm losing weight so in my mind it doesn't count yet. I am not stopping here though! 35 to go. I can do this!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Family Fun

So this past weekend I had my niece and nephew over! They are so adorable!!! Asher, 5 y/o, knows more about video games than James does!! Emma, 3 y/o, is absolutely precious! Cori and Emma didn't get along too well though. At daycare, Cori is the only girl so she is not really used to sharing her babies or blankets. Emma brought her own baby and blanket over and out of a room full of toys, Cori only wanted Emma's things. Cori would pick up Emma's baby, Emma would get upset snatch it from Cori and then I'd have 2 screaming kids! This happened frequently!! Cori got her first happy meal over the weekend too! I found out she likes chicken nuggets and fries (What kid doesn't?) She even drank out of the kids cup, like a big girl!

When I picked them up, we were on our way to Cori's friend, Zoey's 1st birthday party!!

And our on way home - this picture cracks me up!!!

Kids at home playing, Cori looks big in this picture LOL

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lovin' this weather!

So for Houston Texas it has been so COLD the last few weeks! I can't say that I don't like it, but I wasn't prepared for it! We don't really have clothes for winter or summer, they are all pretty much the same thing year round! I feel like Cori is wearing the same clothes over and over. I don't want to go out and buy her a lot of warm clothes b/c I know this wont last long.

We had a great weekend, as we most usually do. Cori spent a lot of time with her Yaya this weekend while we did some adult things. Friday we had dinner with some friends at their house. It was good to just hang out and catch up although, by Friday night I am so worn out!! Saturday was pretty un-eventful. We pretty much just hung out around the house all day! I did get out and run a few errands with Cori. She loves going to the mall! She waves and says "HEY" to almost everyone we pass by, and then turns to say "BYE BYE". People think she is so cute - I can see why!! Saturday night we had dinner at Red Lobster, (thanks to James' company giving us a gift card for Christmas) and then went out for some drinks and karaoke afterward! I love watching karaoke!!! It is so fun! Sunday was my day for laundry and lazyness! I finally got out of my pj's around 3 when I had to go pick up a prescription from Wal-greens. Dinner at my parents, as usual on Sunday night. My mom calls this "Family Night". We all have to sit at the table at eat and talk. Its fun, most of the time =).

Today I started a "life change". I don't call it a new years resolution, because let's face it, those don't work out! I am bound and determined to lose some of this weight I have put on over the years! I am at my heaviest now than I have ever been and I'm just not happy with what I see. My goal is to lose between 40-50 lbs! I know I can do it - and I know it will be hard. I have set my mind to it though. I really would like to lose about 15-20 before April 18th, when we leave for our 7 day cruise with friends! I'd like to be comfortable in a pair of shorts and tank top, and possibly a bathing suit. I'll post my progress as I go.

Out with some Friends.
Karrie, Me & Kristy

Me and my favorite Husband =)