Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Time!!

Cori told her daddy she wanted to plant some flowers; Off to Home Depot we went!

Easter 2012

Better late than never! 

Big momma!

Recently I called Cori "little momma" just being funny. Now, she asks me to call her that on the regular & has even adopted the term "big momma" for me. The way she says it is hilarious so I can't help but laugh so of course she says it over & over. She even calls her babies, dogs & brother "little momma/daddy" Levi thinks its quite funny too. I think I heard her say to James last night "good night big daddy"! He laughed bc he thought it was strange....oh, and she asked me about my wedding ring the other night & ran straight to him insisting that he buy her a wedding ring & marry her too. Cutest thing ever!! She said "it's only fair".

She keeps us laughing 24/7 - she's destined to become a comedian!

Anyway, I haven't posted much about her lately so I wanted to share these funnies. I'll try to get her on video saying little momma - it's a mix between cute 3 year old little girl & Elvis Presley!

And a picture of all her cuteness! She's getting so big! She rode a mile on that bike all by herself!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

For Holly

Levi is doing well in his helmet. He hit an awesome growth spurt at the perfect time! Dr. Says his head is probably as good as it will get but still wants him to continue wearing it for a few more weeks. He's gone from a 10 to a 5 - 5 is normal!! I'm one happy momma! It's very encouraging to be able to see a change & know that our decision & money spent was worth it! Holly asked that I post more pics so here are a few. I haven't taken many. These are from my cell phone, so they suck, but you can see just how happy my boy is! 

I think he looks like Mario Bro's here 

I hope this works. Levi was so tired he couldn't stay awake!! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Levi 9 months!

Levi's 9 month appointment went well! He's 17lbs which puts him in the 20th percentile. I can't remember how long (or should I say short) he was, making him in the 5th percentile on his height. My short boy! He was 40% for his head. They gave him the 2nd round on his flu vaccine & sent us on our way. Next check up after his 1st birthday! Man, this is flying by!!

Levi is now crawling, clapping, waving bye bye, saying momma, dada & bye bye. He laughs at anything his big sister is doing & gets more cute everyday!!