Thursday, June 24, 2010


  • Cori says to the dogs "HUSH UP BOBO" I guess she pays attention to everything I say!
  • She has said her longest sentence (that I've heard) "No, Momma - I don't want that!" Clear as day! I am proud! (and apparently I like to use parenthesis and exclamation marks!!)
  • She told the lady at the pool supply store yesterday "Thank you lady, bye" The lady thought she was adorable, as did I.
  • I am in love with Gatorade G2 - fruit punch flavor. I've never been a Gatorade fan, but I am now. Watch out Sam's Club, here I come.
  • Cori is now using only 2 pull ups a day at daycare! She tells her teacher when she has to go and goes! Again, I am so proud!
  • I love the song that says "I feel like pound sign, question mark, star, exclamation point" #?*! hehe
  • James and I are officially "trying" to have another baby!
  • I've started a new book series - I can't stay away from the dang vampires! I am now reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels. I've been watching the series on HBO, True Blood, and I enjoy it, so why not read the books where the show came from. Speaking of vampires, I have a ticket to go see Twilight: Eclipse the night it comes yes, I am going at midnight July 1st. (SHOOT ME NOW - I'm not a Twitard, as some would call fans of Twilight, but I was talked into lets see how quickly I become annoyed by the screaming idiots that faint when Jacob comes on screen with no shirt on. I am on Team Edward, by the way!)
  • This is gross, but I am so excited that I get to go to the dentist next month - I haven't been in THREE YEARS! ever since I graduated college my health insurance that I had with my parents canceled so I have not had dental insurance since then. I have been taking extra good care of my teeth, and I don't feel like I have any problems but I feel like I need to have them cleaned! I signed up for my own dental plan and made an appointment! I'm not sure why I am so excited.....I usually have a full panic attack at the dentist and swear I will never go back!!
  • Also on the July agenda - My college Roommate, Erin, is getting married! So It will be a busy month for me! I'll be in Kervin on the 11th for her shower, then we are going to Galveston for the weekend of the 17th for her "Bachelorette" party and then her wedding is in Huntsville on the 24th! I am excited to see her so much, just in 1 month! Oh and my friend Kristen is coming back to Texas for a while, so hopefully I'll get to see and spend time with her and her girls too! Yay for July!
  • UGH! we were off the dang paci for about 2 weeks but Cori somehow found one that she must have hidden and now she is attached, again! At least I know we can break her - gotta start from square 1. No biggie...right?
  • Work is finally picking up! That makes me happy, we were so slow for so long! I love my job and I am VERY thankful for it! James' A/C company is doing really well too! We are blessed.
  • I love our pool! It's like a mini vacation every weekend....walk right out the back door and jump in! Cori likes it too, although she clings to me, very tightly!
  • I'm super excited that Cori and I will be going to FL to visit our friend Ashley in September! It will be Cori's 1st plane ride! I'm thrilled!
  • Do you guys like pictures on my blogs? I need to post some, I suppose.
  • I feel like my mind is running 100 mph - I have so much going on. My life is great. I have everything I need. I work hard for what I have. My daughter is BEAUTIFUL. I have faults, but I admit to them. I feel like the sun is shining right on me everyday! I am SO loving life!
  • okay, bye!


  1. I like pics... but this was fun too!

    We too are going to start 'trying' for baby #2... we didn't 'try' for Maddox so this will be an experience within its self.

    **but here's to experiences!!

  2. WOW Cori has grown up since the last time you posted! I am so glad she is doing so well with potty training! Kensley is slowly starting to show interest. It's still just a "game" right now though.

    And YAY for trying for #2!!! I am so excited for you two. Cori will be a great big sister :)

    So Erin is getting married.... (was she married before?? For some reason I could have sworn you were already in her wedding..... wait a minute, maybe I am thinking about YOUR wedding! HA) You will be in my neck of the woods- We HAVE to meet up!

    And YES put pictures in your blogs please :) It's always more fun to read

  3. Holly, with Cori - I got off birth Control and decided to "stop preventing".....I missed my next period LOL. We have talked about trying it that way again and have the 'if it happens it happens' attitude, but I don't think I can. I feel like I must count days and even told him I want to get an ovulation calculator thing. I just can't stand it if it takes a few months! I need to practice having some patience! I know it will happen when its supposed to happen! I will surely keep you guys updated!

    Kristen - Erin has not been married before. She was in my wedding so that's probably what you are thinking about. You should be my date to her wedding since you'll be down! I don't think James is going to be there. Her shower is at 2 on the 11th, maybe I'll leave houston around 7 or 8 and come hang with you and your girls for a few hours before the shower? We can talk and make plans!!

    I will try to add more pictures, more often. Sometimes I wish I was cool enough to have a camera crew or paparazzi follow me around! I'd love to have footage of our terribly beautiful mess of a life we live!

  4. You're so great, Casey! I can't wait to see you and Cori!

  5. Thanks Ash, you're pretty great yourself!

  6. hummm... so Kristen CAN comment!! ;) I see, I see!!

    I am just like you... I bought an app on my phone to follow the ovulation thing... I am too 'Type A' to do this casual stuff! But I am going to try my best to be casual!

  7. yeah, I'm a big planner....with everything. If you were to dig around in my purse (which is more like a BAG) you would find lists and lists. List for the grocery store, or list of things I want to get Cori, or To-Do lists.....its weird....maybe a little OCD....??