Thursday, September 22, 2011

Beach Weekend

Before I came back to work, we spent the weekend in Freeport at the beach. We had so much fun and it was a much needed mini vaca. 

Mine and my trucks first time to pull a trailer.....we were a good team! 

Silly CC

 Cori's first time to the beach! She loved it. 

 She had so much fun!!

 She enjoyed the pool with fresh water at the beach house too!

 My dad - yeah, his flag is upside down...oops

 my two sweet babies - Cori was pretending to sleep.

 My brother caught a shark.....he actually caught it about 5' away from where James' was standing about knee deep in the water.....scary!

 Everyone loves a nice bath in the sink!!

 our group! (notice the flag is correct now)

 She wanted to go deep, and she made me very nervous!


  1. Cori's pigtails are so long! And I wish I had a kitchen sink like that...

  2. Looks like a FUN weekend!
    Not sure I could get back in the water though after seeing that shark!