Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Levi Update

we went for his scans last Thursday. It was so neat to see them do it. They put this sock over his head with a transmitter and waved a wand around his head and the model of his face popped up on a screen. She took all this measurements and called him a 9.

1-4 is normal
4-7 is mild
7-14 is moderate
anything above 14 is severe

Usually any time a baby reaches the moderate level they recommend the helmet but since he is in the very low range of moderate she is leaving the choice to us. 

On the first attempt they denied the claim for the helmet calling it cosmetic. Now that we have scans done they sent the scans and pictures to the insurance to see if that would help. It will take 30 days to hear back from them. The scans are only good for 14 days. They said there is a chance of them accepting on the 2nd attempt so its worth the wait.  **We will still have to pay out of pocket b/c we have not met our deductible, but if they accept, we will get their contracted price of $2500, rather than the cash price of $3250.** 

Since they are only good for 14 days and it will take 30 for the insurance to respond, new scans will be needed. The Dr. said that since he is so low in the moderate level that we should wait on the insurance to respond, and then wait an additional 2 weeks to see how the scans change. She seems to think that a helmet will not be needed and we will see a change for the BETTER in 6 weeks. I was worried about waiting but she says that his soft spot is still large and he has time. Babies hit a growth spurt between 7-12 months so that is prime time to wear the helmet. After he turns one a helmet will not be very effective b/c his growing will drastically slow down for a while. He is sleeping on his belly now, spending more time on his tummy, and exersaucer toys so she thinks that since he won't be on his back so often that it will get better. I'm a happy momma, for now. Wish him luck!

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  2. That is all such good news! I'm so glad you have peace right now; more than you did before. Let us know what the insurance company says! And how CUTE is he in that stocking cap?!?! (And how cute does Levi and Lorelei sound together??? LOL!!!)