Monday, January 18, 2010

Family Fun

So this past weekend I had my niece and nephew over! They are so adorable!!! Asher, 5 y/o, knows more about video games than James does!! Emma, 3 y/o, is absolutely precious! Cori and Emma didn't get along too well though. At daycare, Cori is the only girl so she is not really used to sharing her babies or blankets. Emma brought her own baby and blanket over and out of a room full of toys, Cori only wanted Emma's things. Cori would pick up Emma's baby, Emma would get upset snatch it from Cori and then I'd have 2 screaming kids! This happened frequently!! Cori got her first happy meal over the weekend too! I found out she likes chicken nuggets and fries (What kid doesn't?) She even drank out of the kids cup, like a big girl!

When I picked them up, we were on our way to Cori's friend, Zoey's 1st birthday party!!

And our on way home - this picture cracks me up!!!

Kids at home playing, Cori looks big in this picture LOL

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