Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Finally, something worth blogging about

So Cori decided she was a monkey and started climbing out of her crib, and knocking on her door for us to get her out. I wasn't thrilled on the idea that she could fall out and break her arm or something so we broke down her crib and she is now a big girl in her toddler bed!

Cori did great last night! We took the rail off and she sat on her bed all excited and said “I big guel Momma”. I took her to Target so she could pick out some new sheets and pillowcase for her new bed and found that they actually have toddler sets so she picked a really cute one out. Once we got it home and took it out of the package I realized it matched a lamp that my mom for her room! It’s a perfect match. Now I want to go back and see if they have any other matching accessories!

We were out late so by the time we got home with our McDonald’s chicken nuggets, got a bath and got ready for bed it was about 9 O’clock. I told her she was a big girl and had to stay in bed and go night night. “Okay Momma” was her reply. She laid down and wiggled for about 5 minutes (James and I were watching her on the monitor) she got down once, got a book and went straight back to bed. Finally after about 10 minutes she was out. She woke up about 4am, sat up in bed, whined for about 20 seconds, found her paci and went right back to sleep! She was still in her bed at 7:20 when I went in to wake her up. To top it all off – her pullup was DRY!

She’s such a big girl!

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