Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stupid Kids!

So last night I had dinner with a friend. Behind us sat these three kids, probably 17-19 years old. Somehow they talked the waiter into serving them alcohol. I can't say I judge them for that, because I sat and drank at restaurants many times, being underage. I just hope I wasn't as stupid and annoying as they were. They were obnoxiously loud, and telling stories the entire place could hear - inappropriate stories. I was not the only one there rolling my eyes and turning in my chair to look at them. They had no clue. Finally they got their check and were getting ready to leave (Thank you Jesus) when the youngest looking one said "Can I get a bottle beer, to go? ...........Seriously.....did she just say that???? YES!!.....I'm not sure when I turned into an old lady but I wanted to go up to her and lecture her about the consequences of drinking and driving (because apparently her parents aren't doing that) and maybe tell her how stupid she was and how no one was going to like her b/c she'd probably end up being a trouble maker and possibly a murderer if she thinks drinking and driving is cool.

As they made their way to the door I thought to myself....that will NEVER be my daughter! I hope I can be a good enough parent to raise her better and that she will know to be respectful in public and behave herself if we are not able to be with her.

Geez, my mom was right! When I was young she'd say "You just think I'm being unfair, just wait until you have kids, you'll realize why I wouldn't let you wear those short shorts to the skating rink" or "One day you'll appreciate me telling you you can't hang out with that girl, she's trouble" yeah yeah yeah - Thank you Momma! You were right! Mommas know best!

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