Thursday, January 20, 2011


So as you can tell - I'm not a big blogger. I've become more of a "stalker" than a blogger. I log in almost everyday to read everyone else's wonderful blogs & wish that I had the ability to keep up and write like all my friends! I'm more of a Facebook mini blogger. All the cute pictures that get taken on my cell phone are easily uploaded to Fb and anything important (or not important) that I think of gets blurted out on there too. I could lie and say "I'll work at becoming a better blogger" but in reality...I won't.

Well since I already have a new post open I'll give a few updates. (Sorry, I probably won't post any pictures)

I'm pregnant!! I have to keep reminding myself - this 2nd pregnancy defiantly is not on my mind like it was the first time around. I'm so busy with the awesome 2 y/o that I don't have much time to sit and think about it, or wallow in it. I do have an app on my phone that tells me week by week whats going on....I have to refer to that to even know what week I'm on. Today, I'm 13W2D. Although I don't think about this pregnancy much it feels like its going by SLOW! I am in between looking chubby and pregnant, I'm tired all the time, I don't sleep much at night -- I'm ready to FEEL pregnant. To some I may LOOK pregnant but this belly and headaches are no fun without feeling the baby move around. I feel completely normal besides the few symptoms I just mentioned. Come On Baby!! Move For Momma! (please) This pregnancy so far is exactly the same as my first except I'm showing a lot sooner. I still want sweets and mostly cereal for dinner. I kinda have the feeling we are going to be blessed with another little girl. If we are her name will be.......(okay, I can't tell you what her name WILL be b/c nothing is 100% sure, but James and I have both agreed on a name for a girl....we have such a hard time coming up with boy names that we both like) I think another girl would be fun! I never had a sister an I'd love for Cori to have a sister, and I just can't picture our family with a little boy running around. I say that - but if it is a boy, we will adjust our mind sets and be just as thrilled!

Cori - she's so much fun! I never in a million years pictured such a cute little girl with such a big personality. She is so independent and so just blows me away! The way she talks and the things that come out of her mouth just surprise me everyday! I'm biased, but I think she is smarter and more advanced then other kids her age. I can carry on a complete conversation with her and not even realize I'm talking to a 2 y/o child. The other kids at her daycare, some even older than her do not speak as well as she does. I'm a proud mommy! I have a few worries/concerns about her though and my stress levels rise when I think about having 2 kids!!! Cori still has her paci...I've tried to take it away but she screams bloody murder! Will I have her off of it before #2 gets here? Will she be potty trained? Will she be a nice big sister? I hope so. We have it so easy with her! She goes to bed when we say, she's good in the car, she's a picky eater, but that's ok. I hope #2 moves in and is as cool as Cori! If not, we'll manage, I suppose.

James and I and a few friends (6 others) are taking a mini trip to Louisiana on the 29th for his birthday. We are staying at the Coushatta one night and I'm excited! It seems like the last few times I've been to a casino I've been pregnant. I went 2 or 3 times when I was pregnant with Cori and this will be the first time I go pregnant with this baby. I enjoy the waiters brining me margaritas as I throw my $ into those slot machines but Its okay...I'll take my sprite on the rocks this time. Hopefully I'm not boring/lame to the others who are not pregnant. I'm hoping to stay up a little later than, I'm a rebel! Cori is going to spend the night with Yaya and Pawpaw.....although I have a feeling Pawpaw will not let us go to the Casino without him....Its going to be the first trip that I pack my car to its limit with people!! This should be interesting - hopefully fun! My car will comfortably fit 8 people so that's what we are doing! Its only about a 3 hour drive so we should be long as everyone packs light (with the 3rd row seat up, there isn't much room in the very back for "stuff")

Well, what do you know? I blogged. Cool huh?


  1. I'm really excited for you!!
    I CAN NOT WAIT to know what's between that tiny peanut of your's legs!
    Have fun on your trip!!!

  2. LOL! I blog a little more often than you, but I NEVER update FB! I'm more of a FB stalker (but also a blog stalker...). I loved your update! Your fears about Baby #2 are completely normal...I have them, and I'm not even pregnant! And Cori IS smarter than most children her age!!!