Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Because I am a Copy Cat....

Kristen at Living life...One Chapter at a Time posted about her cutie patootie daughter, Kensley that is a few months older than Cori. She posted funny things that she says so I figured I had some to share too. Cori's speech blows me away. She speaks so clear and knows so many words and puts correct sentences together! Sometimes I forget I'm having a conversation with a two year old.

Last night we were telling Cori about the weekend that we had planned.

Mommy: Cori, did you know that Saturday is Daddy's Birthday?
Mommy: Saturday when we wake up, we can make daddy a big breakfast.
Cori: Pancakes?
Mommy: Sure, after we eat breakfast we are going to take you to Nannie's house so you can spend the night while mommy and daddy go on a date at the casino for daddy's birthday.
Daddy: You get to go hang out with Nanny & Felicia!!
Cori: (Whining) I don't want to hang out with Nannie and Fesha, I want to hang out with Daddy at the birthday party so he can open presents and have balloons.

Cori thew her plate off her high chair and had a very bad attitude:
Mommy: CORI -That is not nice, why did you do that?
Cori: 'cause I was done with my chicken nuggets.
Mommy: You can tell me you are done and I'll take your plate! We don't throw our plate or food on the floor!
Cori: YES!!
James: (from another room over hearing us) CORI - You listen to your mommy and do what she says, and lose your attitude Missy!
(This was one of those times that you realize they remember things you say - and you have to turn away from them & laugh and then turn back around like you're mad - being a parent is a tough job)
Daddy: Do not be disrespectful to me or your mommy. Say you're sorry and get down and pick your plate up and take it to the trash.
Cori: (whimpering) Sowwy mommy...

In the car on the way to daycare.
Cori: LOOK at that school bus!
Mommy: One day you'll be a big girl and ride on a school bus huh?
Cori: Yes with my friends!! Mommy, will you ride on the school bus with me?
Mommy: No baby, you'll be such a big girl you will ride by yourself with all your friends to go to school.
Cori: I only want to ride on the school bus if you go too....
(AWE melt my heart!!)


  1. I love this age....
    She is too cute!
    Maddox and I have full conversations too! (I probably talk to him like he is 4 rather than 2!)
    We crack up all the time over what comes out of his mouth-- its completely unpredictable!
    and his memory blows us away!!

  2. Cori has great memory too! She will mention things from weeks ago that I had forgotten about!

  3. so cute!!!! Isn't this a fun age?!

    p.s. to do a link, you highlight the word you want to link and then click "link" in the toolbar. Then you would grab the URL that you want to link to that word. Copy/paste it. Make sense? ;)

    Keep up the posting missy! I'll be your motivation!