Monday, May 23, 2011

Feeling Bad & Fun Weekend....

So with Cori, I took weekly pictures of my belly to document and put in her baby book. I am sad to say that I have about 4 pictures of me being pregnant with Levi, and no book yet. I have no excuse for slacking. Sorry Levi, you're book will be thin and there will be few pictures of your pregnant mommy.

I took a real funky picture of just my belly, the best I could do in the mirror with my iphone so here is 30 Weeks 5 Days:

Yesterday after our niece & nephew left we got in the pool for a relaxing day in the sun. We needed it. James and I were alone (Cori was napping) and we just had fun talking and laughing together. I don't have a bathing suit that fits this body of mine, so I improvised with shorts and a spaghetti strap shirt that I tucked into the built in bra hoping to get some color on my pale skin. I did indeed get some color and can't wait to get back in this weekend for some more! I love when I have a tan. This may sound weird but my skin feels and looks better with a tan. It doesn't seem so dry, my pores on my legs don't stand out so much, and (yes, I'm a weirdo) I like when my freckles get brighter....I think they are cute, and at this stage I'll take any thing "Cute". James thought I looked funny & snapped a picture of me in the pool. It looks a little deformed and I would never dare post this picture to FB! Since I only have a few people that look at my blog I'll post it here....ready....set.....

Like I mentioned before, Asher (6) & Emma (4) came over Friday night to stay the weekend with us. These are James' brother's kids. They are super cute! I'll admit though, 3 was a lot compared to our regular one! Not unmanageable though. The three of them had SO much fun playing together, and Cori was worn out by Sunday when they went home! Saturday we went out to James' mom & dad's to hang out and play. The kids had water guns and a small pool to play in and we had hamburgers and hotdogs for lunch. It was a fun & relaxing day. Feeding three kids was difficult though, it seemed like someone was ALWAYS hungry and of course no one wanted what we had at home already. I guess this is what I have to look forward to as Cori & Levi get older!
Cori & Emma
Asher, Ema & Cori
My sweet Girl

Cori thought she was so cool playing with the big kids & using waterguns!
She laughed and screamed and thought it was the best thing ever! I love this picture!

Fun weekends like these make me so happy to be where I am. Spending time with family is such a blessing!!


  1. Your belly looks so cute!

    I feel better tanned too-- my mom recently bought a spray tan machine but it beats me down to get up there and do it, so I have only sprayed a few times.

    I understand the freckle thing... I always wanted freckles-- I think they are super- cute too!

    Love the pics of the kiddos!!!

  2. I totally agree with the tan (and I need one badly)! I love your "bathing suit", and I can't believe how huge that pool is!

  3. It is pretty big, 13x25 above ground pool. We love it!