Thursday, May 19, 2011

30 Weeks Down.....

This is a (modified) email that I sent to my mom after my appointment with Dr. Boyd yesterday:

I totally forgot about my appointment with Dr. Boyd today, and I was 25 minutes late. The staff at the front desk knew and they were mad at me, but Dr. Boyd didn't seem to know I was late. She was in a good & chatty mood (unusual)

I have reached the weight that I delivered Cori - bummer!

She said that my stomach is measuring big, but she's not too concerned at this point. I told her I was worried about having another bad delviery experience like I did with Cori and she said that she will do another ultrasound in about 6 weeks to measure and see how big he is. She wants to avoid me having any problems or having a C-section so after we see how big he is, she'll figure out what she wants to do next. She said if Cori was close to 9lbs chances are he will be too and since I had a problem delivering her, she doesnt want him to get any bigger than Cori was. She said smaller would be better. As of now we are sticking to the July 25th due date. 10 weeks left....eeeeek!!!

She's worried about my iron being low and said as long as I'm taking the iron supplements, which I am, I should be okay - but she wants to do blood work again in about 6 weeks to make sure its up. She does not want me delivering with low iron. Understandable. As much blood as I lost last time, I need all the thick blood I can in my favor at delivery. I can't afford to have thin blood this time!

I told her about some pains I've been having in my sides and back that usually come in the evenings but go away if I lay still for a while. She said that they are probably small contractions which are normal and not to be worried about, unless they don't go away after laying and resting. She also said more water and staying extra hydrated will help the uterus not to contract so often, so early.

I also talked to her about having my tubes tied. She said it is something they can do at the time I deliver Levi, but she doesnt recomend it that soon b/c I could just be thinking I'm done b/c I am so tired and exhausted. She reccomends 6-12 weeks after I deliver, if I decide. I'm certain that I'll be okay with 2 kids, I'll just have to talk James into it. She told me about another procedure that can be done at an office visit that doesn't require any cutting or anisthesia - she gave me a pamplet about it. It is permanent and 99% effective and no healing/recovery time but takes 3 months to be affective. Its called essure I guess I'm in no rush to have it done, so we can talk more about it after he's born. I just really don't want to be on birth control forever. Its such a hassle. Also, I want to look into all of my options and see what's best for us. She also said she will not do it unless James and I both consent to it, so that may be a problem.

Well that was my Dr. Visit today - I am scheduled to go every 2 weeks for the next 6 weeks then I'll start my weekly visits until he's born.....I feel like time is flying by.

(End E-mail)

I went and signed Cori up for swim lessons this summer! She starts June 6th and its twice a week (30 minute sessions) for 6 weeks. I'm super excited, and I think she is too. I wanted to get her into some type of activity this summer. We did Gymnastics last summer but until she is 3 I have to be down on the floor with her and being this pregnant, I didn't think I would be able to keep up. If she likes swimming this summer, we can continue classes throughout the year, or maybe after the baby is born, she can get back into gymnastics or dance. I want to keep her active. I hope that by starting her young will give her the drive to stay active and fit as she gets older. I will by no means be a pushy "Tiara" mom, but I want her to have fun and remember her childhood and be exposed to different activities or sports and when she gets older she can decide what her niche is. She tells me she wants to be a ballerina, a pirate, and sometimes she says she wants to be underwater with fish (maybe a scuba diver?). She's so dang cute, it kills me.


  1. 30 weeks!!! you are almost there!!

    Do not tie your tubes or do the ablation... you're too young to say you're done.
    **listen to me!! ;)

    Just do an IUD... that's 5 years worth of birth control but can be taken out at any time if you change your mind.
    I have lots of friends who use them (including my SIL) and she loves it!!

    Good luck with the swim lessons... we did them last year, and I think he was still too young-- this year, there's not any classes close.
    I think we are going to get him into soccer come fall...
    But I agree, it is good to keep them active and involved!

  2. LOVE the post, Case (and the blog changes)! I can't believe you only have 10 weeks (or less) to go! I'm sure Cori will love swim lessons; will you get in the pool with her? That will probably feel great to a very pregnant woman!

  3. actually, I do not get in with her - I will just watch. We have a pool at home now so on the weekends that is where you can find me!! Yes, it does feel great to be in the pool. I forget that I'm so heavy and my back pain goes away as long as I'm just floating around! Its nice!! I even swim as many laps as I can to get some exercise! I mainly want Cori to be able to swim, or at least be able to float on her back so my mind can be at ease a little bit about her being around the pool.