Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bring on the "Not So Nice" comments

So the (in my opinion) rude comments have started coming my way.

  • I walk into my dad's back door and he yells "WOAH that bellly showed up 30 seconds before you did"
  • I walked into Chili's and this (not so small her self) girl says rather loudly in front of a big crowd "Damn, she's about to pop!" She got a very ugly look from me.
  • The lady at Cori's daycare said "I can tell you're getting ready to delivery that baby, you seem to be getting really wide" 
  • Cashier at Walmart said "You must be miserable carrying all that weight around, are you past due?" (No Bish, I'm still a week and a half from my due what I was thinking) 
  • James laughs when I try to wear a t-shirt and my belly shows at the bottom...that one isn't so bad I guess. 
  • My brother pointed out how big my boobs have gotten....he stupidly said something in front of everyone and he has not lived that down yet. My response to that was "you have a big ass" - if you knew my family you really wouldn't think this is weird. He's not a creep, we just have a hard time filtering what comes out of our mouths LOL!!
I know that people don't MEAN to be mean to me and say things that make me mad but it seems like it doesn't take much common sense to know that things you say can be taken in a rude manner rather than a complement! I'm pregnant, I'm sensitive, don't tell me I'm wide! I like to give pregnant women NICE complements - and 95% of the time they are sincere complements. I think pregnant girls are cute, especially the tiny ones that only have a belly!!

I'm feeling really crampy today - just laying in bed with my laptop "on call" for work watching Big Brother afterdark from last night.

I have done a few loads of laundry and cleaned out the pantry and fridge while James grocery shopped this morning - we are stocked up and ready for baby!!

My cleaning lady come tomorrow and I can't wait!

Did I blog that I am not working anymore? I am working, but not at work....from home...its great. I love it.

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  1. Why aren't people extra sensitive to pregnant women? It should be a law!