Monday, October 31, 2011


Last week I bought my cousin's camera from her. Its a Cannon Rebel TXi - I love it and I have been practicing, learning, and using it. I've taken some nice pictures so far too, in my opinion. I've found some really informative sites helping me to learn the camera and learn about photography. I am by no means trying to become a photographer or start any type of business (I just do not have the time for that) but I would like to take nice pictures of my kids, and my family, and at events we attend. I'm excited to get going on that.

With that said:
I have lots of pictures to post, but I am only on the computer at work....and I forgot my camera (or card) today so stay tuned for Cori's 3rd Birthday Party, Cori's 3rd Birthday Day, Early Halloween in our neighborhood, and then random pics around the house of my two snuggle bunnies.

Maybe now that I have a good camera that (hopefully) will take good photos, I will blog more often....hehe, here is to hoping!

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  1. that's exactly why I got mine... for better quality memories!!

    I hope you have better luck figuring yours out... I just never take the time to invest into learning it!!
    Kristen and I got the same camera-- around the same time-- and well, you see where she is at... and where I have stayed!!!