Tuesday, November 15, 2011

yea, she pinned that!

Copying Kristen's idea of blogging about pinned creations, here is one I've done recently.

I found this on pinterest and thought it was easy enough. (Head to that blog for step by step directions!!) I've been sewing for a while now and I like to think that I'm decent at it. I just recently bought an embroidery machine (well, a year or so ago) and I am having SO much fun playing around with it.

My friend, Megan, is having a little girl soon and I knew I wanted to make her and baby Kinley something special. Unfortunately I was unable to attend her baby shower, but she assures me that she loves it as much as I did. I almost didn't want to give it way, except what would I do with a baby blanket with Kinley's name on it? Here are my pictures!!
Her room is being decorated in pink and grey!

 The burp rag how to is not on the post, but it's one of my favorite things to make!!

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