Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Super mad!

Levi has been doing really well with his helmet....until today. When I dropped him off at daycare everything was fine. His "teacher" called around 1pm & said he had a pink spot where the helmet was touching his cheek. Ok, the helmet is supposed to fit snug, especially on the parts that are too far out, so I thought it was ok, he usually is pink on his forehead & back of his head. I thought nothing of it. She made it seem like it was nothing. Today when we get home I notice he has a bad odor about him so I took the helmet off to clean it. As you can imagine, it gets sweaty in there. OMG my poor baby! His face was basically blistered! There was a huge RED spot, not pink. It's swollen, bruised, & soggy, almost like its raw. I could cry. I smelled his face and gaged. I guess as he drank his bottle some milk went down his face & got behind the helmet. All day my poor guy sat in sweat & sour milk. Not only is his face raw, his neck is too! I'm disgusted & heartbroken. This helmet thing is doing more harm than good so far. I emailed a picture to his dr. And she called me right away to say that I need to leave the helmet off for at least 24 hours & send her new pictures tomorrow. So now, not only is his face raw, the expensive helmet is not even able to be used. I'm so mad I could just give up with the whole thing, but I won't. This is going to be a long 3 months! I guess I need to have a talk with the daycare in the morning, which I hate doing. I hate sounding like the griping parent!! The neck thing has already been an issue though. I can get it all cleared up over the weekend & by Monday when I pick him up, it's raw again. He has very sensitive skin so I'm wondering if his skin will reject the helmet for good. I can't deal with this on his face. (it's actually red on both sides, but the other side is just red, not raw) prayers for my boy, please!


  1. Oh, poor sweet boy! Was he upset or fussy about the red spot, or did the teacher just notice it?

    1. I guess she noticed it, He didn't seem upset by it, until I started cleaning it and putting ointment on it. It looks better this morning but it is still very red and looks painful. I just spoke to the director of the daycare so we'll see how to day goes. I left a note for the actual teacher to call me if she had any questions about how to keep his face clean after eating. Yes, I was being a smart ass with my note!