Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Levi 9 months!

Levi's 9 month appointment went well! He's 17lbs which puts him in the 20th percentile. I can't remember how long (or should I say short) he was, making him in the 5th percentile on his height. My short boy! He was 40% for his head. They gave him the 2nd round on his flu vaccine & sent us on our way. Next check up after his 1st birthday! Man, this is flying by!!

Levi is now crawling, clapping, waving bye bye, saying momma, dada & bye bye. He laughs at anything his big sister is doing & gets more cute everyday!!


  1. Adorable!!! And he'll be 1 before we know it! Maybe we'll be in town for his birthday...

  2. he looks so round and plump... his pictures of him do not match his numbers!!
    He's a doll!

    And I think the helmets are cute... we need to see pictures!