Friday, May 11, 2012

10 on 10 May

My 10 on 10 has potential to to be extremely boring. I sit at a desk from 8am-5pm so instead of boring you with  work stuff all day, I've revised my 10 on 10. It's not 10 consecutive hours, but 10 life happenings throughout the day. Take it or leave it Ü (I hope you take it) I do this for fun, but I have no idea how to link up to the main site.....

Let's get busy @ work!!

The view from my desk.

Lunch Time!

50 Shakes  of Grey!
I love you Christian Grey!!

Bank Run - if it could only stay 80

Picking up my boo's from daycare. The blond is Cori's BFF, Brianna

McDonald's for Dinner (lazy mom night)

James cutting the yard before the storm - we are so lame...
We have had a yard guy for the past 5 years and a few weeks
ago, James decided to buy a we fight over
who gets to mow each week. We both enjoy it! 

8pm - My Dad's mini tree farm. He grew those trees from acorns that 
fell from his big tree. These are about a year old, but doing well! 
I can't wait to plant one at our house!! I love special things like this! 

Cori & Pawpaw (my dad) watering the plants they planted together.
(yes, in an old bath tub)
We are so lucky to live 3 houses away from my parents. 
My kids get a lot of time with their Grandparents!!

Levi & Cori with their Yaya. 
Again, so lucky to live so close!! 
Did you notice this was picture #11 - yeah, I was never good @ following rules! 


  1. Love it!!
    Mainly your book--I am also is a secret love affair.

    Very cool about the trees--I too, love things like that!

    I have never pushed mowed in my life-- so if Lance ever croaks over, I might need your old lawn guys number!! ;)