Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day

My Mother's day was plane and simple, just the way I like it!! Cori woke me up at the butt crack of dawn remembering that it was Mother's Day! She ran to her back pack to get the cards she and Levi made for me at school. 

Miss Janie Loves my kids, she got them together to take these pictures and spent her own money to create this card and have it printed. I was so happy & I love it. This one is now at work with me! 

My first squishy hand print from Levi James! 

Cori colored, cut & glued this (with help) just for me!! 

I get this SAME piece of paper every year from Cori - I can't decide if I like it b/c I can compare the hand prints each year, or if it annoys me b/c they can't photo copy another saying for Mother's Day each year.
(okay, I'll quit complaining!) I love it. 

The rest of the day was spent hanging around the house, mostly outside in the pool. It was a perfect day and I am so blessed to have my babies!! Here is a awkward picture of us on Mother's Day!

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  1. How nice of Miss Janie! I love the picture of you and the kids--it is wonderfully ordinary! (I see the "concuter" made it in there too!)