Monday, February 15, 2010

Cookoff, Superbowl, Birthday, Valentines, Oh My!

So last weekend (2/5) was the Humble Rodeo Cookoff! I went out to support our friends, Caddy Shack Cookers and hang out!! The food was SO yummy and the drinks weren't bad either! We had a lot of friends and family up there (although James wasn't able to go, he had to be up early Saturday for work) to hang out with so it was a lot of fun!!
Saturday (2/6) Bridget and a few other friends went to see Dear John. It was such a good movie, heavy on my emotions though! I cried like a baby through most of the movie. I haven't cried in a movie in a long time!
Sunday (2/7) We went and had Cori's Valentine pictures done!! It was also the Superbowl! We had a party at the house to watch the game. I became a bandwagon fan of the Saints and to my surprise they won! It was a fun game, even though I never watch football! James cooked hot dogs for everyone so it was nice to hang out. That was a busy buys weekend! Monday came fast and early!!
Isn't she the cutest?
This one is my favorite!!
When did she get so big??

This this past week was pretty eventful as well!
I turned 24 on Thursday (2/11). It was just another day though! Now that I have Cori, birthday's are for her! I went to work as usual and then later that night, Yaya watched Cori so James and I could go have dinner and a few margaritas! It was nice to just have time with my husband - he makes me laugh so much!! My boss brought me a cake and a gift card to Pappas so that was exciting too!
Friday (2/12) Another trip to the dermatologist for Cori too - I have HAD IT with this spot on her back that will not go away. I can not afford more prescriptions that don't work, and copay's to see a doctor that tells you the same thing as last time! I'm getting aggressive towards this spot now. I bought her new soap, and lotion to use, clothes detergent and these huge waterproof band aids and I'm piling on the ointment and taping her up! I don't think she'll be able to get these band aids off! The small ones she gets off easily so we'll see with the big ones, so far so good! I am so tired of packing away NEW clothes that she's never worn and outgrown b/c I have to keep her looking like a scrub in onsies, so she doesn't scratch! Prayers for the stubborn spot on her back are appreciated! She now has a new spot on her shoulder....ahhhh it's never ending!
Saturday (2/13) was an awesome day! This is the day we celebrated Valentines (as a whole family! Well, minus Cori.....she went and spent the night with James' mom) We made reservations at HB Steakhouse - Japanese Hibachi style food! They cooked for us on the table we were sitting at. It was SO delicious, expensive, but so worth it. My daddy paid for everyone's dinner! Then, we all (myself, James, my brother, SIL, mom and dad) headed downtown to see STOMP. That was amazing! I went a long time ago when we went to New York but I had forgot just how fun it was! The whole time, I was wishing I could do something like that for a living - the people on stage looked like they were having so much fun! We then headed back to our side of town and found a small taven in Old Town Humble to have a few drinks at. Its not often that I get to hang out with my mom in the night life because she usually has Cori when we go out - so it was fun! That place got a little boring so we went to Mulligans for some Karaoke - well we just watch the karaoke....It was fun! I had a bad headache and was exhausted so we snuck out early and went home to get in bed!
Sunday (2/14) was so nice! I slept in until NOON - I haven't done that in years!!! Got up did a little bit of laundry and then my little Valentine came home!!! I missed her so much! Its so different when she goes to James' mom - she seems so far away. My mom lives 3 houses down so when she's over there it doesn't even feel like she's gone. James cooked us steaks for dinner last night and we hung out around the house and watched some tv. Monday morning came toooooo soon today! Oh and btw, I think I saw a ghost in my bedroom this morning....seriously. I'll write a whole blog for that one!

I can't believe I didn't take many pictures this week!


  1. I'm so glad you had such a great weekend! You are so lucky to have family so close. I wish my parents and grandmother were closer. We don't get to do anything really because we'd have to pay a babysitter!

  2. Sounds like you had a great two weekends, Case! Cori is sooooooo adorable in her pictures! I can't believe how GROWN UP she looks! Is she good about leaving the bows on her head most of the time?

  3. Kristen, yes it is SO nice to have everyone so close! Even when we don't have plans Cori goes and spends the night with my mom. They both enjoy it so much!

    Ash, NO - the only time she wears bows is when we do pictures. If I try to put them on her just to be cute, they are around her neck in about .25 seconds! She will wear little clippies to keep her bangs out of her eyes, but they don't allow her to wear them at daycare. (I guess if she pulls it out, another kid can put it in their mouth and possibly swallow it) The only thing she can wear at daycare is rubber bands, so we do little pony tails sometimes for school. Most of the time, its just down and in her eyes like tarzan, but I refuse to cut her hair yet!!