Monday, February 1, 2010

Its been a while!

I have a lot to update.

Last weekend was not a good weekend for us. Cori was sick all weekend and Monday. She couldn't keep anything down and just kept throwing up. Poor baby, I feel so bad for her because she can't warn us. We took her to the dr. on Monday and he said she had a stomach bug and it would pass on its own. She stayed home from Daycare on Monday. She never had a fever but the vomiting and diarrhea was enough for me to keep her home. She's feeling much better now!

on the 27th, Sydney Wyckoff was born. My childhood friend Ashley and her husband Chet brought their first baby girl into the world. She is soooooo adorable and I can't wait to meet her. They live in Fl. so it will be a while I imagine that I'll get to hold her and kiss better keep up with your blog and keep the pictures coming!!!

Friday (1/29) was James' 27th Birthday! James and I both took vacation days to hang out with each other! We started off by Taking Cori to the dr. for her 15 month check up. She is getting so big!!! 25 lbs already! Dr. said she is perfect and her not eating is not a problem. Cori went to daycare after that! We then headed to the post office to renew mine and get James a passport for our cruise! I was so surprised how nice the guy at the post office was!!! He was such a happy guy for his job! After we left there we went to the mall to see Avatar in 3D - such a great movie although I could only watch about 1/2. Stupid motion sickness. I can't wait to see it in full on dvd. It was fun to spend time just James and I. He had friends over for his bday that night, and Cori and I just went to bed early!!! I love early bed nights!

Us seeing Avatar in 3D!

Saturday, I stayed home in bed most of the day. I was feeling really icky. Sore throat and head ache. I was hoping it was strep, but no one else in my family seems to be bothered by it. I've lost my voice too! It was nice to stay in my jammers alll day long! We went to my brothers Saturday night for dinner, and it turned into a bunch of friends hanging out! I went away from my diet with my Bud Lite was fun at the time, but man, I feel so guilty now! Gotta get back on track. Speaking of Diet, I've lost 7 lbs so far....still working hard and have a long way to go!

Sunday was pretty un-eventful too! I tried my hand at some cabbage soup. It was soooo delicious! I made enough to feed my entire family - everyone really enjoyed it and it was super yummy and healthy!!! I even have lefts overs here at work with me for lunch today!

So today starts the month of LOVE, and my Birthday!!! I'll be 24 in 11 days... My mom got us all tickets to see Stomp on the 13th so I am really looking forward to it!!!

I think that is all for now....if something exciting happens, I'll update =)

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  1. Good update, Case! I'm about to update my blog...I've procrastinated enough! Happy birthday, James, and happy almost birthday to you! And congrats on 7 lbs! Kiss Cori's cute cheeks for me...