Friday, May 21, 2010

Nothing too new...

So not too much going on in the Cranford household. We are doing our regular routine and the days are flying by. Cori will be 19 months in less than a week and that just makes me so sad! Where has the time gone? She has gone to bed 2 nights in a row without her pacifier! I'm so excited! I have been trying hard to stay on the schedule her Dr. gave me as far as getting her off the bottle and pacifier. I was early with the bottle! She was drinking out of sippy cups by 11 months, no bottles! He told me to have her off by her 1st birthday. The paci though, for some reason I was reluctant to take it away from her. He said by her 18 month appointment she should not be using it anymore. Well, we passed that a few weeks ago. For the past, probably 4-5 months, I only allowed her to have her paci if she was IN HER BED (and sometimes on long car rides). She took to that very easy. When she felt like she wanted it and asked for it, she would go to her room and ask to get in her bed. How did I get such a well behaved little girl? Well the other night, I figured what the heck - I'll try to take it from her, thinking I would be back in her room a few minutes later to give it to her. Nope...she went right to bed! Last night was more difficult, she realized she didn't have it and cried for about 10 minutes asking for "PACI" sooo sad! But I stood strong and didn't give in...she was out in no time and slept like a rock! I'm not sure who I'm more proud of, me or her.

Cori and I are taking a road trip tonight! After work, we are picking up Uncle Stewart, Dylan and Laura and We are heading to Tyler to meet Bridget! (Poor James - he had a big A/C job come through and the customer wanted it done this weekend, so we have to leave him behind) Bridget's parents have a house out there by the lake and we are going up there for a relaxing weekend with good home cooked food! Should be fun! I think we are going to make margaritas one night, and hang out at the lake!! I'm looking forward to it!

Ashley is coming to Houston NEXT WEEK!!!! I'm so excited!! She is bringing her new baby Sydney that I've been dieing to meet!! YAY!

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  1. I can't wait to see you!!! We've had a busy last couple of weeks, and it still felt like our trip was forever away, but now I need to start packing! And good job to Cori (and you!) for going to sleep without the pacifier! I'm already dreading breaking the habit for Sydney, but hopefully she will do as well as Cori.

    Yes, Chet will be gone for a consecutive six months. We chose this because Syd is young, and because it's so much better than going on a non-volunteer basis and going somewhere much scarier for much longer. So we will just tough it out and hopefully the time passes quickly (I think it will for me, since I'll be so busy with Syd and moving).

    There is a remote possibility that we could be shipped off at the same time. We have to have a "Family Care Plan" that details what we would do with our children if that were to happen. Thankfully, I'm due to get out of the Navy in exactly one year, so I don't think that will even be an issue.