Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cori is 18 Months old!

We went for her 18 month check up yesterday! She always does so good at the Dr. She shows off big time too. He asked me questions and she answered yes or no for me - even though sometimes she was wrong. For example, he asked ME if she was off the pacifier yet....she answered yes, while I cringed and answered, He asked her if she was a good girl and she answered back "PooPoo?" I always tell her good girls go poo poo on the potty, so I guess she associated "good girl" with poo poo. He did a quick exam on her to see if she has any signs of autism, but of course I knew she was just fine, and he confirmed it. They did some pointing exercises, eye contact, copy cat, and he asked her questions to see if she would answer...most of her answers were off the wall words but so funny to me. She acted like they were best friends, at one point she took his hand and said "Dance" and started bouncing and kicking - yes, she has sweet moves, like her momma!

Her measurements:
Weight: 26.5lbs / 50-75 percentile
Height: 32.5" / 75-90 percentile
Head Circ.: 18.5" / 50-75 percentile

How these were explained to me were (take her weight) she weighs more than 50% and less than 75% of other toddlers her age. Dr. Smith did say she was a BIG kid.....not fat, just big. He said her height and weight are a perfect match, but more for a kid a few months older. Funny, I always look at her and think she is short, and a lil' chubby. Shows how much I know, right?

She got a Hep B shot and it took a little bit out of her. She doesn't usually take afternoon naps at school but when we got home, she crashed out and was sleeping HARD. She cried and threw a big fit when I woke her up around 5. She was begging for bed again around 7:30 - I could tell she wasn't feeling well b/c she loves to be outside. James was mowing the yard and I was sitting on the patio hanging out and she wanted to be inside on the inside she went.....through the doggy door. She's such a mess!

BAAABY FEVER IS BAAAAD! I'm feeling it! I told James last Monday that I was ready to get pregnant again - but he put reality back in my mind. Day care and insurance is just crazy right now. We could probably afford another baby, but things would be so tight. Right now we are living pretty comfortable. We take care of all our bills on time and still have extra to do fun stuff that is unnecessary! We can't decide what we want now. Besides, now is not a good time until we either sell the 2nd house or find a renter for it.....2 mortgages for 4 months is NOOOOO FUN! Maybe we'll wait another year. There is really no rush!

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  1. She's so funny; I love her! Can't wait to see her in three weeks!