Friday, July 30, 2010


Everything in my life is a total MESS right now.

#1 the road I drive on everyday to get to and from work is under construction. It is literally a 3-4 mile drive from home, to daycare, to work and it takes me about 20 or plus minutes b/c of the traffic and dimwits that think they can't drive when there are cones on the side of the roads....come one people.....I don't have much patience.
#2 We are moving at work. So Packing up, moving into a temporary little box building (while waiting on new office to be ready), unpacking, trying to do my best to stay organized and keep working as much as possible, packing up, moving to new office (which has yet to happen) and then unpacking again to get organized and get back into the swing of things! I'm complaining now but it will be SO nice to be in our new building! It is so pretty and awesome compared to the dump I've been in for the last few years!
#3 Somehow I have been kicked out of my garage parking spot. I AM NOT happy about this. I am an adult, who pays a mortgage, the LEAST I should get is a covered parking spot! right?
#4 Why does the grass grow so dang fast in the summer....really we look like white trash by Wednesday after mowing on Sunday....really if we can't mow every 3 days....the grass takes over!
#5 I can not seem to keep the house clean - I even have a cleaning lady that comes every 2 weeks! (Lazy, I know....but I love her!) I started a new routine that has been working out.... Every morning when I get up I start a load of laundry. Before I leave I put that load in the dryer...the next morning, I fold the load in the dryer and start another load. So it really has cut down on the laundry piling up and I like this new routine! Oh, and I totally make my bed every morning now too - and I have never done that before 2 weeks ago! I guess #5 doesn't count as chaos....
#6 Cori - woah. What do I say about Cori. She's A MESS! She's mean, smart, sweet, loving, rude, cranky, adorable, opinionated, sassy, grouchy, happy, beautiful, (did I mention mean?) all in about a 15 second time frame! It blows me away! She can slap the crap out of me, kiss me, pull my hair and tell me I'm pretty all in 1 sentence. That child knows what she wants and when she wants it and if its not what she wants, the neighbors and I both will know about it. She makes me crazy and so proud in the same feeling.....does #6 make since to anyone else besides my twisted, tired brain?
#7 isn't chaos either - Erin's wedding! It was beautiful! I am so glad I was able to be apart of their special day! I met LOTS of great girls and I hope to keep them as life long friends!

(not sure why my pictures wont let me move them to go under each here are some pics, out of order....but whatever. I can't win every battle)

Cori and I playing!
This is what I've lost my garage too.....
My new office.....I can't wait!
My temp box office to keep me going
Erin & Kris on their wedding day!


  1. #6--- I TOTALLY feel what you're feeling! haha it's the toddler stage..... I think we can all sit here and agree on all the feelings we are going through. "and this too shall pass"....right? ;-)

  2. Whew, Case! Just know that you're doing a wonderful job as a mommy! Sydney and I can't wait to see you!!!

  3. I'm having a hard time commenting???

    And I am with Kristen... #6-- I think all mom's of toddlers understand this one!