Friday, July 2, 2010

Rain, Rain & More Rain!!

Okay - my week has been crazy! I went to see Eclipse at midnight on Tuesday/Wednesday and ever since then I've been so screwed up! I'm too old for a midnight movie, especially on a work night. What was I thinking?? Anyway, it was actually really good and I enjoyed it a lot! The crowd and the screaming little girls weren't too bad either - sometimes I wonder if I was that dumb and immature when I was 11-15.....I probably was (although I didn't think so at the time) so I try not to get too annoyed with them! My days were so screwed up I asked Holly where her "Friday High Fives" were........ON WEDNESDAY.....LOL she probably thinks I'm crazy!

Monday I went to the Orthodontist to look into getting invisalign. I have 2 teeth that are not straight and it drives me nuts! No one else notices but it bothers me. I was shocked to hear the price of invisalign on the upper only for 6 months! So, looks like that won't be in my near future and I just don't think I can do braces again as an adult. (Side note: Invisalign for 6 months was going to cost about 2k more than I paid for lasik eye surgery.....seriously!!) So I just decided to have the ortho make me trays and bought some bleach....maybe whiter teeth will make me feel better. Also on Monday was Cori's 2nd gymnastics class! She's so adorable! Gymnastics wears me OUT! Am I supposed to be sweaty and out of breath at the end of the 45 minute class too?? It's so funny to see Cori doing forward rolls and jumping on the trampoline! It brings back memories that I had doing gymnastics when I was young! After she gets her stickers at the end of class she tells me "HOME MOMMA, NIGHT NIGHT" She know's she's tired!

James bought a Polaris rzr this week! I was reluctant at first but I'm okay with it now. It's fun and Cori enjoys riding on it.....anything for Cori! a rzr is like a cross between a 4wheeler and a golf cart - except it gets up to about 70mph!

Cori and her BFF Carl, my parents dog.
Getting ready for her 1st Ride!

Tonight Bridget, Cori and I are headed to Ft. Worth. My mom is leaving this morning and was upset we couldn't go with her (b/c I couldn't miss work) but I decided to take off a little early and head that way! We aren't telling them we are coming! I think it will be so cute to sneak up and let Cori walk up and knock on the door! They will be so surprised! I hope she does well in the car for me, this will be her longest trip yet! We got a dvd player for the backseat, so hopefully it keeps her entertained! I think I wanna make time for the stockyards tomorrow, if the weather is nice, and maybe even check out Billy Bob's! We'll see. My mom said something about everyone driving into Oklahoma to go to the casino....but unless one of my cousins offer to babysit, I will be missing that trip. No biggie though - I could totally do without throwing money into a slot machine!

I hope everyone has a great long weekend - stay safe and have fun!!!


  1. I did not think you were crazy at all... I always loose track of days!!

    I didn't realize that you do not live in Ft. Worth... How do you and Kristen know each other?

    P.S.That Razr contraption looks FUN!!!!

  2. I live in humble, small town north of Houston. Kristen and I met our fresh year of college at SHSU!!

  3. yes! they were really surprised! It was a good short trip!