Thursday, July 15, 2010


I realized tonight while watching tv that I have a new fear. This woman was telling a story about the worst thing you can think of happening to her 10 year old daughter. It just broke my heart!!! So I wanted to put it out there that if anything like that ever happened to my child and I knew who it was, I wouldn't call the police. I would kill them! I think I'm crazy to say those words but I just have so much anxiety just thinking about it!!! The worst part is is that it can be someone you trust and allow into your home. Man oh man! I think I may have just become one of those over protective parent that I always swore I wouldn't be! Now I know why my parents were the way they were and I thank them from the bottom if my heart for being such great parents!! I love my daughter with everything I have! I would feel so guilty if anything ever happened to her!

On a happier note, I'm headed to Galveston tomorrow with my college roommate and some great girls for a low key, just the way I like it, bachelorette party!! It's gonna be lots of fun! Then Saturday I have 2 adult birthday parties to attend!! Busy weekend ahead!

Peace out, have a fantabulous weekend!

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