Friday, April 1, 2011

My daughter is a bully....

So Tuesday when I went to get Cori from school he teacher pulled me aside to tell me they had a really bad day. Cori was hitting, pushing & biting her friends all day - I was extremely embarrassed and didn't know what to say. I told her teacher I would have a talk with her (but in my head I was thinking...."how do you really get a 2 y/o to listen & pay attention enough to remember the next day she needed to be nice to her friend")

On the short drive home we talked about how when we got home she would be in time out for 3 minutes and we were going to talk about her bad behavior at school. So we did. It is hard to take her seriously b/c she obviously doesn't care much about being in trouble. She says things like "Is it funny now?", "You're not mad no more", "I can get out now??", "Is it over yet? and then sings the rest of her time out...stomping her foot and having a grand ol' time in time out.

Oh lord, what do we do?

Here is a video of her being cute in time out.....I'm trying to sound very stern, if you can't tell.

(Wednesday morning on the way to school we talked and she assured me that she wouldn't hit, push or bite her friends or her teachers and that she was going to be nice. Her teacher said she had a better day, but still not "perfect angel" status like normal......


  1. Maybe its some regression... Maddox has never been a hitter/ biter, so I don't have any advice-- but I am sure at some point we will go through this (even if it is with Beckham)so once you figure it out, please let me know! ;)

  2. Well she complains about this one kid a lot and says that he is very mean to her. Any scratch or bruise she has that I ask her about she says he did it. I think her bullying that her teacher is telling me about is towards him - so its like, should I really get mad at her for taking up for herself? Obviously she needs to know that hitting and pushing her friends is not allowed but you can only take so much crap & I'm understanding of that!!!!

  3. Sounds like you have a normal two year old! I remember when my son was that age...I was so nervous to take him to the McDonald's play area. I always watched in fear...waiting for him to push some kid down. It gets better, I promise you!