Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Vacuum?

I'm in the market for a new vacuum. I inherited an Oreck a few years ago from my dad. He found it at a pawn shop about 10 years before that....It hasn't been getting the job done and with 2 dogs we have a lot of shedding hair on our hard floors. It is really grossing me out. The Oreck wasn't "sucking" anymore so I took it to the Oreck store near by and the guy informed me that it was about 24 years old. He said he cleaned it and replaced a few parts, but its still not making me happy. Time for a new vacuum.

I've been doing some looking around online and found that most people choose Dyson brand over most. I like the look of them, and from the reviews I am REALLY wanting one. They are close to $400 though (OUCH) I just can't see myself spending that much . I told my mom to keep an eye out in the Sunday papers/sale sheets and hopefully if I wait it out, I can catch one on sale.

What type of vacuum do you have? Do you have hard floors or carpet? We have about 90% hard floors in our house so I need something that gets good reviews on both carpet and hard floors. Specifically something that does well getting up dog hair.

A friend of mine just posted that she found a brand new Dyson at a pawn shop....maybe I'll go pawn shopping. I just know I do not want a used vacuum this time. I was okay taking my dad's old vacuum b/c I knew the house it came from, but I'm not about to bring someone elses house "smell" into my house. No way Jose.

Suggestions, please!!


  1. Case, I love our vaccuum! I chose it after poring over a vaccuum edition of the Consumer Report (right after we got married). It's a Eureka, The Boss, Smartvac (I'm not sure which order the descriptions should be in). We've lived in so many houses, I think I've used it on every type of floor, and I have absolutly no complaints. Right now we have carpet upstairs, and wood laminate and shaggy rugs downstairs. The downfall to the vaccuum (according to the Consumer Report, and I agree) are that it can be a little hard to manuever because it's pretty hefty, but it wasn't and hasn't been a deal breaker for me. The CR also didn't give it the highest rating for attachment suction, but I haven't had any problems. In addition to that vaccuum, we also own a Bissell 3-in-1 vac. It's very small and lightweight, and I use that in the mornings after I fix my hair and shed all over the floor. I've also used it downstairs on many occasions for a "quick vac". I got it at Walmart for less than $20. The best price (at least, in 2006) for the Eureka is at Bed, Bath, and Beyone with a 20% off coupon.

  2. I just read this post (and your comment) to my husband... who is also in the market for a new vacuum!!
    (Since that's his job in our house!)

  3. Well I went with the dyson. James agreed to buy it for me so I took him up on his offer. I must say, I am super duper pleased so far! I couldn't wait to get home & try it out. I ended up vacuuming every sq ft in our house! It switched easy from hard floor setting to carpet, and it REALLY grossed me out how much it picked up off the carpet. I feel like I should vacuum again just to see how much more it gets, but my back kills. I haven't tried the attachment hose yet, so I'll review that part later. I love my new cleaning pal!