Thursday, March 31, 2011

What to name a baby boy?!?

My list:

Carter ** Levi ** Evan ** Cohen

James' List:

Jaxon ** Evan ** Ryland ** Colten

We both agree that Evan is cute, and that is his mom's Maiden name but we wont commit to it, I don't think either of us LOVE it. I'm in love with Carter and he says no, and he is in love with Jaxon but I'm not naming my son that. Its too common. He hates even hearing any other names that aren't Jaxon, and he gets mad at me when I say "His name will not be Jaxon....quit mentioning it". Why is naming our son so difficult? I think we like and agree on Tate for a middle name (Although I want to use Dale, after my daddy). I wish we didn't know so many friends that have already used up all my favorite names: Logan, Connor, Dylan. That makes things much more difficult. If HE was a SHE, she would already have her name! I am praying for patience and hoping a name just comes to me in my dreams and we both say "YES" that's his name! What do y'all think, and what are some more name suggestions?!?


  1. I think Cohen is adorable... but that is because I love names that are unique.
    As a pediatric nurse, you hear the same names over and over-- so anything that stands out or is different, is appealing to me!!

    HOWEVER- I love names with meaning too... so I think it would be cool to use Evan, just for that reason alone!

  2. Carter was on my list for boy names! And I like Cohen, too. Carter Dale sounds pretty good to me!!!!!

  3. Carter Dale would be my 1st choice - just gotta get James on board....that is the hard part!