Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Creating a Pin Board for "Done"

In my "Things I want" board you'll find a picture of some CUTE camo heels! If you know me, I LOVE camo and LOVE heels, although I wear flip flops more often than not. I have a closet full of heels, most that have never been worn.  Obsessed? Maybe. Don't. Judge.

Last weekend we went down to Kemah for the day with my brother, his wife and a few friends. It was actually James' and my 5 year anniversary for the day he proposed...in Kemah. We even ate outside on the deck with the ocean view where he popped the question. Special, right? If you haven't been there, you should go. A whole day full of fun!

Anyway, along the Kemah Boardwalk there are shops with the cutest stuff and I cam across my heels. $35 and I couldn't pass them up! Cori loved them too!

While I was there, I saw so much stuff that I wanted to pin - thank goodness for the pinterest app. I was able to take pictures and pin them on the spot.....here is one that I added into "Dream Home". James said if our driveway is big enough when we build our dream home (which I will now make sure of) that we can have this...I love.


  1. CUTE camo shoes! And a pinterest app? I need to know about this! ;) You said you pinned my canvas...I have no idea how that works! I mean, I know how to get on pinterest and pin stuff...but that's about it! Look me up on there!

  2. Oh!! You pinned her canvas!! I saw Brady and I felt like I found a celebrity on there!!
    I heart Pinterest!

  3. Cute shoes! I can almost hear Brad Paisley singing his camoflauge song in the background! :) I think it's cool that people in Texas seem to love their state. My husband and I always joke about that!