Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Learning My Camera

So we went to James' mom & dad's over the weekend for a fish fry and family time. I took the opportunity to take along my camera and play with it some. Here are some of the pictures. I am not a photo editor (yet) so these are just straight from the camera. I was shooting manual the entire time which is still slow for me. I have to think about each setting before I shoot. Its okay though, I'm still learning. Obviously there is nothing special about these pictures, I'm just having fun. Got any tips for me? Also, where is a good editing starting place?

Cori doesn't usually get to touch or play with cats...yuck 

 I can just hear her attitude through this picture
 trying to get some action shots

 getting creative LOL

 I like fire


  1. FANTASTIC pictures, Case! I know nothing about shooting in manual, but know that I need to start! You're doing awesome!!!

  2. New camera?! You LUCKY girl! :)