Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas from the Cranford Family

So I totally slacked this year and didn't get Christmas cards out! Kristen tried helping me out by creating the cutest card for us, but I was insistent on taking the pictures myself and I couldn't get a decent one of Levi. So, Merry Christmas, here are a few that I got of the kids in front of the Christmas tree. Remember, I got a new camera and I've been shooting ONLY in manual so my pictures are an indication of how much I have to learn. You can also tell by their outfit changes, that these were taken over a few different "sessions". 

(Edited by Kristen)

Yeah, he looks silly, I forgot to button his onesie.....

 This was the card that I had intentions of mailing out, but the picture for Levi wasn't in focus and I waited to long to send Kristen a more clear picture. This was created by Kristen Vest


  1. Kristen is *kind of* amazing, huh?!

    You did a great job taking these pictures... your babies are so stinking cute!!

    Merry Christmas!!

  2. well geez girl, thanks for all the love here! You are doing great with the camera!! Keep it up! Let me know if you need any more help. And be expecting an email soon- we need to get our weekend in January planned!!

    Holly- yes, I am kind of amazing ;) lol I miss you and really hope January works out!!!!

  3. LOVE these pictures! You are going to have so many amazing pictures for Cori and Levi to cherish. I wish you would have sent out the adorable Christmas cards, but you are forgiven (you're a busy woman)!