Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Goals

{I still can not believe that another year has come and gone!!!}

I will post pictures of Christmas/New Years soon.

Here are a few of my Goals for 2012
{I like how Holly calls them goals, rather than resolutions!}

  • Get and Stay organized at home and work - I'm usually pretty good at this anyway, but with 2 kids and a small house, this gets away from me sometimes. 
  • Be a better wife. 
  • Cook more often, and healthier
  • Start and Finish DIY projects around the house. Pinterest has me hooked......this also goes along with being more organized. I have some closet projects in mind! 
  • Become Debt Free - this doesn't count my car note, or mortgage. I am SO CLOSE that I can taste it but over Christmas that {stupid} credit card got used more than I would have liked. It's okay. I've created my 2012 weekly/monthly budget and it will be paid off in no time. I want it to stay that way. 
  • Stick to the budget I created, mentioned above. 
  • Exercise regularly. I always say I want to lose weight, and it's something I struggle with. I REALLY hope to get in a good routine......this is probably my hardest "Goal" to achieve. I do have an incentive to lose weight. Now that I am done mostly likely done having babies, there are 2 perky "updates" I have in mind and I can't wait!!! One of the stipulations holding me back is I need to meet my goal weight. I think I can, I think I can.
  • Be a more involved mommy. I work full time and I'm tired {especially since my adorable little man won't sleep all night.....} I want to spend more time on the floor with them, coloring, reading, or playing "Barbie Dogs" with Cori. Rolling over, drooling & kicking with Levi. 
  • Say "I Love You" more, to everyone I love. 
  • SPEND LESS MONEY. I'm spoiled, always have been. I pride myself in making my own money to do whatever I want and get whatever I want, but there has to be a stopping point. Last year I started saving money and it feels great to log on to Wells Fargo and see my savings account have a healthy balance. Its actually more fun to save than it is to spend....weird?? Saving money is a huge part of my budget I created....
  • I know I just said spend less in my previous goal....but in 2012 James and I will hopefully purchase property for our dream home. We went at least an acre (two would be nice) in a nice area and that will pricey. Paying it off before we build is the route we want to take. The sooner we purchase, the more we save and the quicker we pay it off, the sooner my dream home will become a reality. I dream about it at night. Can.Not.Wait.
  • Be sweeter. To everyone, even myself. 
  • Use less sarcasm. I am so sarcastic and I love sarcastic people but some people don't get it and definitely do not like it. I give bad impressions of myself sometimes. I want to change that. I want people to know that I am SO caring and loving and truly feel hurt when other people are hurting. I think I come across as selfish and uncaring sometimes....that is totally not me. 
  • Drink less. {I do not have a problem lol, I just like to have a good time} This goes back to being more healthy and saving money. I have gotten into a bad habit of every-time we eat out, I order a drink or two. It's wasteful. More Water and less Margaritas :) I will probably not give up beer on the late night 4wheeler rides though. Something about the woods, 4wheelers, mud, and loud country music make me want beer. I love being a country girl at heart.  
  • Wear less black. 
  • Use better language. (This is a BIG one....I have a horrible mouth)
  • Continue making lists upon lists on my iphone of things that need to get done and deleting them as they are complete. I think I may have a bit of OCD with my list making. I enjoy it. It's a hobby. I even try to push 'list making' on everyone else. Its sick. Thank god apple for the note pad on my phone. It is MUCH better than a handwritten notepad in my purse, or a bazillion (yes that is a number in Casey world) sticky notes stuck all over my desk and computer monitor at work. 
  • Check my goal list often to make sure that I am keeping on track.
  • Laugh More
  • Love More


  1. Mine should be to drink more!! I never drink alcohol, mainly because I am so cheap!! :)

    I love to save as well... it saved me once, and I don't understand people who don't have a savings account.

    I love lists!

    Budget... yeah, I need to be better.

    Happy New Year!!

  2. Kent and I just sat down and did our budget last night. I need to add "save money" on my list, too. I get caught up in buying a little here and a little there and before I know it, I've wasted $100. It makes Kent batty. :/ God love that man. so sticking with our budget is something I'm working on! He forwarded me an email about pinching pennies and becoming rich like warren buffet. I'll forward it to you....one of the things they mention is to stop ordering fountain drinks and alcohol when you go out. ;)

  3. Awesome goals! (We call them the same thing, rather than the "R" word.) You can do all of it! :-) (But don't beat yourself up if you don't...I think that falls under be sweeter to yourself!)