Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lone Star Yogi Bear Park

We had such a great time on our Vacation at Yogi Bear Park! If you live in Texas and have never been, you should make plans to go while your kids are still little! 

My mom rented us a cabin that slept 8 and it was a neat place. Much better than sleeping in a tent. My aunt and uncle, cousins and their kids rented a cabin too so we had lots of family there to share our time with!

Fact: This was my first time to "camp" and this was luxury camping if I do say so myself! 

Levi was a little young and needy and someone always had to hang out at the cabin while he napped (sometimes twice a day) but we all still had a blast!! 

These pictures I took came from my phone, sorry about the quality, but with the water park and the bazillion water guns around the park, my good camera never left the bag. **These are all repeats from instagram, if you follow me there** (Oh well)

 They had an outdoor theater and every night showed a movie - the kids LOVED it!

 The water park was amazing! We spent most of our time here! Cori rode the big slide by her self at least 20 times. She was so brave! 

 This little guy woke up every morning at 7am so we spent our mornings on the porch playing until everyone else woke up. Notice the rash around his mouth? I had to call and argue with a nurse at his pedi office. She kept saying that there was nothing they could do for him and to put neosporin on it. It was definitely infected in a few spots from being irritated. I finally told her to have the Dr. on call call me and what do you know, he prescribed an antibiotic and I was able to pick it up at the local CVS. (he told me NOT to put neosporin on it) I was disappointed in his nurse and I let him know. I have never had issues before this. They are usually so nice when you call. It was a Saturday, but still, I expected more. His face was pretty clear by the next day after starting the antibiotic.

The grown ups had fun in the pool too!! I can't wait for next summer when we can go back. I think Levi will be better next time. 

Speaking of Levi, he will be ONE tomorrow. Ah!! 

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  1. My blog is usually instagram repeats too... what do you do?!

    But I enjoyed the pics just as much the 2nd go around, as I did the first!