Thursday, June 21, 2012


So last night James and I signed a contract on our current home! After a few back and forth's with the buyer we finally came to an agreement. This is our first time selling a home and to be honest I am way more stressed then I ever thought I would be. I am not usually one to stress out or become overwhelmed. I am usually the calm and cool one telling James to "relax, it will all work out, or it won't". Did you know that when you sell your house you are supposed to leave curtains, or anything attached to the wall?? (like mounted TV's) - I didn't. I had to add in exclusions just to be able to keep the curtains that match Levi's bedding....why in the world would someone want curtains that don't match anything they have?

see his matching curtains? Why would she want those?

Somehow I ended up giving up my drapes in the livingroom, master bedroom and bathroom. I fought for Levi's curtains, though. We are being required to paint a few rooms (one we JUST finished not too long ago. I am bummed about painting it back now), get the carpet cleaned (no big deal), and leave the pool (no big deal either, new house has a pool!!) The main thing we went back and forth on was the buyers wanting to keep Cori's playground.
So cool. I wish I had one when I was young!

We originally thought we could leave it but when it came down to it I knew we had to keep it and take it with us for a few reasons. Cori was very upset when we asked if it was okay to leave it. I knew that once we got in the new house that James would never buy and assemble another one after the trouble (and lots of curse words) he experienced putting the first one together. She plays on it all the time and I couldn't imagine breaking her little heart.

The other things the buyers asked to keep was the TV, stereo and speakers on the patio. James was okay with this because when we purchased these things we didn't spend a lot of money. We knew that they would stay outside all the time and we didn't want to spend a lot in case the {horrid} humidity in Houston ruined them. So far so good - and he's kinda relieved that he doesn't have to climb on a 15' ladder to take them down anyway. They buyers were happy! We are happy.

TV on the wall, and stereo on the little shelf will stay.

One last thing the buyers asked for - which I thought was kind of weird was a piece of rot iron I had on the wall of my entry way. Quick Story: I bought it with my Memaw in Ft. Worth about 4 years ago. We went into a store that was closing down and it had a price tag of $180 - I kept coming back to it over and over telling myself there is no way I could spend almost two hundred dollars on it, James would kill me. Finally we were about to leave and I said "screw it, I'm getting it" when I went to the counter to purchase it rang up for FOUR DOLLARS....yes, $4. I think I almost peed on myself! My little cancer ridden Memaw, who wasn't getting around very well basically did a cart wheel. We were both so excited. We were laughing and so giddy over it b/c we both originally thought I was crazy buying it. We somehow managed to get this huge piece of iron into the backseat of my little Altima, squeezed poor memaw in, and load up her wheel chair. We laughed and giggled all the way back to her house. It sat in my house for about 2 months before I could figure out what to do with it. I painted a huge rectangle on the wall and hung it up. James wasn't thrilled with it, but I loved it. Mostly because of the story & memory. My Memaw died in January of 2011. When I saw on the contract that she wanted that piece to stay, tears flooded my eyes. James knew why I was upset, but poor Jackie (our Realtor) had no idea. James was so sweet, he just told Jackie that I wasn't giving that up. She didn't ask any questions....just scratched it out. I know the stupid piece of iron isn't that spectacular, but something told me to buy it, even thought it was way too expensive and the memory of me and my little Memaw laughing and being so excited wasn't something I was willing to give up.

The best picture I could find (iPhone ick)

Anyway, the house is "sold" although I hate saying that because we have a month for something to fall through. My biggest fear is that we'll waste time if they back out. Pray that this all goes through, please. They did offer what we were asking  and their Realtor told us that the couple is in love with our house - so, so far, so good. Fingers (and toes) crossed!!

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  1. That curtain thing is so silly! I am also ignorant to the little rules that go along with buying/selling houses...I think I could understand having to leave the fixtures (like the curtain rods), but the actual curtains?! So silly. I LOVE your Memaw adorable (and I'm super impressed at her cartwheel!). I'm glad James stepped in and that you get to keep the iron piece. :-) I'll be praying that everything goes seamlessly!