Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Going a lil' nutty!

I'm in a great mood - nothing in particular to blog about, I just had it opened so I figured I'd put something down.

I'm stressed! Cruise in 5 days -- shopping is done but packing is not even close! Not only do I have to pack for myself, I'm pretty sure I'll end up packing for James, and not to mention, Cori. How do you pack for 7 days?!? I'm going to end up taking my entire closet/bathroom and 1/2 my bedroom!

It makes me so sad to pack for Cori. I have already packed her one bag, for her 3 days with her Nannie - that wasn't too bad, a few outfits, pj's, diapers, wipes and a cup. She can find things to play with there and she'll eat almost anything. I have to pack her a separate bag for the entire week of daycare, so my mom will only have to take her and pick her up and not have to worry about getting a bag ready for her everyday. Diapers, wipes, extra clothes, cups, snacks, blanket and of course the stupid check ($180). Packing for my mom will be easy. All Cori will need are clothes. My mom pretty much has everything I have at my house and she always buys diapers and wipes to keep there too. I've told Cori a few times that we are going to be gone for a week and I promise we will come back. She probably doesn't understand what I'm saying but I want her to know, just in case. I know she will be in good care but I'm just worried she'll stress out looking for "momma and daddy" and not being able to find us. I wish there was a way I could bypass the goodbyes to Cori - I hope I can let her go.

Packing for us on the other hand is not going to be fun! I plan to spend Saturday doing all the laundry (after I go get a pedicure!!) so anything we would want to take will be clean. We are only allowed to take suitcases that measure 24x16 which are TINY if you ask me! We will probably have to take 2 each. Poor James...the only luggage we own are cutsey ones that I have bought over time. One is HOT PINK, the other is Pink with lime green polka dots with a big bow attached, another that is brown with blue polkadots with a big bow attached and then a plain black one! Oh well, he'll manage!

I'm stressed trying to get organized at work so whoever is at my desk trying to get things done while I'm gone can find things they need easily. I have never been away from work this long...I'm actually pretty nervous to leave! I know when I come back there will be a lot to go through, put away, catch up on, fix and just get back in order....I know it will be fine...but I'm worried, especially since I wont be able to answer my phone to help if needed.

Ally and Beaux are staying with Mikki (SIL) for the week. I hope they don't drive her nuts, or tear up her blinds at her house! She knows Ally kills blinds so hopefully she'll take my advise and raise them just enough for her to see out, and she should be fine. Beaux is such a homebody and gets a little nervous. I hope having Miss Independent, knows everything (Ally) with him, he'll feel safe and secure. I would never separate them. I think Beaux would have a meltdown.

I have all our travel documents printed and ready to go! I just can't wait for 4pm on Sunday for our ship to depart! When that time comes...it wont matter if we forgot to pack something, or we are leaving our child for a week, or work is gonna be a mess when I return, or the dogs are chewing someones blinds -- there will be nothing I will be able to do about it and for 7 days I can (hopefully) have no worries and enjoy my vacation with my wonderful husband and great friends and allow myself to have an awesome time! I have no doubt that I'll come back with great stories/pictures of our adventure!

Now that I read over this, this is more like a pep talk/reminder list to myself =)

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  1. lol I like your end comment.... we have never left Kensley over night anywhere- only one night has she been away from me and that was the day I had Kallie!! haha I couldn't imagine a week! You'll be fine though. Enjoy some 'me' time and make lots of memories!! I can't wait to go to the beach again one day.... if I can stay NON-pregnant, maybe we could plan a trip! ;-) Have fun girl!