Thursday, April 15, 2010

What should I do?

So as you know, James and I are going on Vacation next week. I have gotten paperwork notarized saying that we are allowing temporary guardianship to the grandparents while we are away. That way they can make any decisions for Cori while we are gone. I just thought about this today and now I've kinda freaked myself out....what if something happens to the both of us while we are away?!? Who would we want to raise our daughter? Should I put this in writing?!? James and I have never really discussed this - but now I think its something we should do. God forbid anything happen to us, but I'd really hate for my family to have to go through any type of court ruling over who gets to raise my child if James and I are unable. I wish this would have come to me sooner. I do not feel this is a decision that can be made lightly, or in 2 days. There is just so much to consider. I called and mentioned this to James - b/c if we are going to put something in writing, I need to get it typed up and notarized as well before we leave. He was taken back by me bringing this up and said he would need to think about it and call me back. I don't blame him. I did just spring it on him out of nowhere. I just wonder now if we can come to an agreement on who we would find fit and able to raise our child and instill the values in her that we would have. Also who would she feel comfortable with and fit into their family as if she was their own...someone who could take her in, keep her safe and teach her right from wrong and love her as if she was their child. My goodness - just writing this makes me feel so emotional. I would never want Cori to feel scared or out of place, but I can't help but think that if something happened to the both of us that there would be no avoiding those feelings for her. I am very thankful that we have such a big family (both on James' side and my side) and I can not think of anyone that would turn Cori down, or not welcome her into their home with open arms. There are so many people that I would trust with Cori which is wonderful! We just have to look at it from all angles and decide who would be the perfect match for Cori....

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  1. Don't worry, Case! I hope you're having a great time on your cruise...!