Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cruise Fun!

So I opened up my blog this morning and figured it was time for an update. lets see how long this takes, as I am at work...I will write as I have time.....Here it goes...

Cruise: Wow - it was awesome! James and I had such a great time! Sunday when we finally got on the ship (after saying goodbye to our little angel) it was raining. BOO Not a great way to start a cruise, but luckily it didn't last long! We left Galveston around 4 that afternoon and the fun began! It was 2 days at sea on our way to Jamaica. We spent most of our days on the top deck laying out, soaking up the sun. The weather was amazing! The guys played ping pong mostly all day, while the girls sat and pretended to watch as we sipped our drinks!
The casino was also a lot of fun! James and I spent our nights here!! We did lose some money (not too bad for 2 people and 7 days) We won some too! I put $10 into a nickle machine and one $150 on my first spin!! I was so excited so I took my winnings and bought a watch in the gift shop that I had been looking at since the first day! I LOVE it so much!!!
Playing Roulette - It is my new favorite game!!!LOVE my watch!
Jamaica: It was so fun! Totally not what I expected though! It was kinda slummish. The drive to the resort we decided to stay the day at was kinda icky! The houses were on sides of mountains and were basically falling down. It wasn't much to look at. We found out later that Jamaica does not use mortgages...they have to build their houses as they have the money to do so - that is why everything looks so bad. Sandals was amazing though! Our first taste of white sand and blue water! We stayed the day there! Swim up pool bar, pretty beaches! We did some snorkeling and kyacking (sp?)! It was James' first time in the ocean, and he loved it! The staff was really nice and we had a great time. I wasn't ready to get back on the boat after only a few hours of Jamaica! Once we got on the boat, James and I slipped away from the group and watched the sunset together - it is something I will never forget! It was such a great experience!
Beaches don't look like this in Galveston!
Still in JamaicaIt was awesome!

Grand Caymen: A lot of fun. We were informed that the waters were too shallow for the ship to sail up to the shore so we had to get off the big ship onto a little boat in the middle of the Ocean. I was a bit scared to tell the truth, but it turned out okay! In Caymen we did a shore snorkel excursion! It was a lot of fun! We walked down the coast and jumped right in! The fish were HUGE and hung around b/c people were feeding them! We snorkeled for about an hour - I was so worn out! Swimming in the ocean is hard work! (not to mention, I had to keep a close eye on James most of the time.....he isn't the best swimmer) After that we went to Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville! We had such a great time there, even though we spent WAY more than we planned on lunch and a few drinks. Their $1 is our $1.25 so it was very expensive!
Our Ship in the background
My Margarita @ Margaritaville

Cozumel: It was okay - I had been here before so It wasn't too new to me. We got a taxi into town and did a little big of shopping for Cori. I wanted to get her something from each place. That went well. After that, we went to San Fransisco Beach. It was so pretty! It was a public beach so it was free...but of course they have people running around offering you drinks! (Nothing is ever free) We got to go out on these big inflatable things in the ocean and play! Slides, trampolines, rock climes! I was WORN OUT again after all this climbing in the ocean! It was tons of fun though. Somehow I ended up getting motion sickness and had to leave early! We headed back to the ship but still had about an hour to spare before we had to get on the ship so we stopped at Fat Tuesdays to have some chips and salsa and a few drinks! They had loud music and it was a lot of fun!!
I could do this everyday!
Our VERY naughty Waiter!
Our ship in the background!
Headed home: By this time I was really missing Cori! I was ready to be home! The last day at sea was not that great! The weather was bad and the ocean was choppy! It made for a rocky ship! THANKFULLY I did not get sick, and neither did James!

Odd and Ends: Elegant nights were fun! Its not that often that we get to dress up and have dinner together!

We had SO MUCH fun with our friends on board with us!!! I couldn't have picked better friends to spend a week with!!!

I was so happy to get home to Cori!! Here she is - My little Jamaican Baby!

I can not wait to go on another vacation again! It was VERY needed!!! This short blog doesn't even come close to showing what an experience the cruise was! I didn't upload too many pictures b/c mostly everyone who reads this blog can see my pictures I posted on my FB, if you want to see more, email me!!!

Much love,

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