Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Behind again...what do you know!

Day 12-What you believe

I believe in God.
I believe that I'm a good mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend.
I believe in good & evil.
I believe in Ghosts.
I believe that you should forgive.
I believe that when you do nice things, you get nice things in return.
I believe in Santa.
I believe in myself.
I believe that our paths are already made out for us.
I believe that it is cold and I believe in a lot. =)

Day 13-Goals

I guess my main goal is to be a great mother. I have lots of other smaller goals, but that triumphs them all. I'd like to get my Masters Degree, I'd like to be debt free, I'd like to be a elementary teacher one day.

Day 14-A picture you love

My sweet baby girl when she was 2 weeks old!

Day 15-Bible verse

I've never read the bible. I have always wanted to, but as a child I wasn't ever in church. My parents didn't go. Every once in a while we would go with friends, but nothing on a regular basis. I'd love to start going to church, I just haven't made that step yet. I'll look into verses......I want a favorite verse.

Day 16-Dream house

I can't wait for my dream house!! My next house will be on some acreage, like 10 or more acres. I want a long driveway leading up to the house with trees lining the way. As for the house - I want more house than I have now! More rooms, more places to go, more closets, more kitchen, bigger closets....I just have this perfect picture of my dream home in my would take days to share every detail. I think I want a white house with a red front door. I love those. It will probably be built to look like an old plantation home on the outside. Those are my favorite.

Day 17-Something you're looking forward to

I have so much to look forward to! We are going to have our 4 year anniversary next year!! We are adding another baby to our family!! My daughter is growing like a week and I look forward to watching her grow and learn and become a big sister!


  1. Such good posts! Remember, we're going to the church of your choice when I'm in town. We'll be there December 30 so let's go to church January 2nd!!!

  2. I too, could go on and on and on about my dream house!!
    I need to catch up!!!