Friday, December 10, 2010


Day 18-Something you regret

I really try hard not to regret anything, but I do still have some regrets. The first one that comes to mind is not swimming with the dolphins on our cruise when I was in college. Why was I afraid? I'm not afraid of many things! They were so calm and so sweet but I just couldn't make myself get in the water. I touched them on their heads for split seconds (as if they were going to bite me or something) and then jerked away. Really. Now that I look back I was being so pathetic. I missed out on a once in a lifetime thing.

Another that comes to mind was a VERY bad night. I think James and I were on a "break" (which probably only lasted a few days) I was in college and for the most part I didn't go out...I didn't party....I just hung around the apartment, studied, and waited for James to call me. (Again, pathetic) I decided that I wasn't going to wait around on him anymore and I wanted to have fun for one night. We got dressed and went to Shinanagin's. (sp?) I was not even 21 yet but used my college ID to get in and drank WAY. TOO. MUCH. When it was time to go, I though "I am okay, I can drive home". Boy, what a bad idea. Long Story Short.....I didn't make it out of the parking lot before calling James hysterical telling him what I did and what my situation was. He was in Houston...what was he going to do? He called Erin and woke her up, she came and got me....laughing at me, and drove me home. What a good friend. Somewhere in all the throwing up I did that night, my phone ended up in the toilet.... That was a very expensive, embarrassing, shameful night. I can honestly say that I have never been that drunk again, or that stupid for that matter.

Day 19-Something you miss

My childhood. Kids have it SO easy! I look @ Cori as I'm brining her her dinner, all cut up for her, separated like she likes it, the specific cup with the specific juice she requested, and think....what else little you want me to give you a foot massage while you eat? I have done a great job at spoiling her rotten. I was spoiled growing up too though. But really....just to be a kid worries, no bills, no responsibilities, no job, no headaches, and no problems.....wouldn't that be nice.....even if it was only for a week. I had such a fun childhood. Our neighborhood was perfect and filled with kids our age, some that I am still friends with today. The summer days at the neighborhood pool were long and I was so tan! My mom left a tin hidden in the dining room with cash and movie tickets in it. We could order pizza for lunch once a week and if we could find a ride we could go to the movies. Our biggest problem was "Who's mom was coming home at lunch that could drop us off at the mall". Riding our bikes to our friends house, making trails through the vacant lots to cross from one street to the other without going all the way around was our specialty. Playing babies, dressing our brothers up like girls, making friendship bracelets and watching stupid shows on MTV, like singled out. If only I could go back to that time I would know not to rush things. I was so anxious to grow up, and even though growing up is exciting, I'd give anything to be young and carefree again!

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  1. That's a perfect summary of our childhood summers together! I so miss them too!