Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cruise Fun!

So I opened up my blog this morning and figured it was time for an update. lets see how long this takes, as I am at work...I will write as I have time.....Here it goes...

Cruise: Wow - it was awesome! James and I had such a great time! Sunday when we finally got on the ship (after saying goodbye to our little angel) it was raining. BOO Not a great way to start a cruise, but luckily it didn't last long! We left Galveston around 4 that afternoon and the fun began! It was 2 days at sea on our way to Jamaica. We spent most of our days on the top deck laying out, soaking up the sun. The weather was amazing! The guys played ping pong mostly all day, while the girls sat and pretended to watch as we sipped our drinks!
The casino was also a lot of fun! James and I spent our nights here!! We did lose some money (not too bad for 2 people and 7 days) We won some too! I put $10 into a nickle machine and one $150 on my first spin!! I was so excited so I took my winnings and bought a watch in the gift shop that I had been looking at since the first day! I LOVE it so much!!!
Playing Roulette - It is my new favorite game!!!LOVE my watch!
Jamaica: It was so fun! Totally not what I expected though! It was kinda slummish. The drive to the resort we decided to stay the day at was kinda icky! The houses were on sides of mountains and were basically falling down. It wasn't much to look at. We found out later that Jamaica does not use mortgages...they have to build their houses as they have the money to do so - that is why everything looks so bad. Sandals was amazing though! Our first taste of white sand and blue water! We stayed the day there! Swim up pool bar, pretty beaches! We did some snorkeling and kyacking (sp?)! It was James' first time in the ocean, and he loved it! The staff was really nice and we had a great time. I wasn't ready to get back on the boat after only a few hours of Jamaica! Once we got on the boat, James and I slipped away from the group and watched the sunset together - it is something I will never forget! It was such a great experience!
Beaches don't look like this in Galveston!
Still in JamaicaIt was awesome!

Grand Caymen: A lot of fun. We were informed that the waters were too shallow for the ship to sail up to the shore so we had to get off the big ship onto a little boat in the middle of the Ocean. I was a bit scared to tell the truth, but it turned out okay! In Caymen we did a shore snorkel excursion! It was a lot of fun! We walked down the coast and jumped right in! The fish were HUGE and hung around b/c people were feeding them! We snorkeled for about an hour - I was so worn out! Swimming in the ocean is hard work! (not to mention, I had to keep a close eye on James most of the time.....he isn't the best swimmer) After that we went to Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville! We had such a great time there, even though we spent WAY more than we planned on lunch and a few drinks. Their $1 is our $1.25 so it was very expensive!
Our Ship in the background
My Margarita @ Margaritaville

Cozumel: It was okay - I had been here before so It wasn't too new to me. We got a taxi into town and did a little big of shopping for Cori. I wanted to get her something from each place. That went well. After that, we went to San Fransisco Beach. It was so pretty! It was a public beach so it was free...but of course they have people running around offering you drinks! (Nothing is ever free) We got to go out on these big inflatable things in the ocean and play! Slides, trampolines, rock climes! I was WORN OUT again after all this climbing in the ocean! It was tons of fun though. Somehow I ended up getting motion sickness and had to leave early! We headed back to the ship but still had about an hour to spare before we had to get on the ship so we stopped at Fat Tuesdays to have some chips and salsa and a few drinks! They had loud music and it was a lot of fun!!
I could do this everyday!
Our VERY naughty Waiter!
Our ship in the background!
Headed home: By this time I was really missing Cori! I was ready to be home! The last day at sea was not that great! The weather was bad and the ocean was choppy! It made for a rocky ship! THANKFULLY I did not get sick, and neither did James!

Odd and Ends: Elegant nights were fun! Its not that often that we get to dress up and have dinner together!

We had SO MUCH fun with our friends on board with us!!! I couldn't have picked better friends to spend a week with!!!

I was so happy to get home to Cori!! Here she is - My little Jamaican Baby!

I can not wait to go on another vacation again! It was VERY needed!!! This short blog doesn't even come close to showing what an experience the cruise was! I didn't upload too many pictures b/c mostly everyone who reads this blog can see my pictures I posted on my FB, if you want to see more, email me!!!

Much love,

Thursday, April 15, 2010

What should I do?

So as you know, James and I are going on Vacation next week. I have gotten paperwork notarized saying that we are allowing temporary guardianship to the grandparents while we are away. That way they can make any decisions for Cori while we are gone. I just thought about this today and now I've kinda freaked myself out....what if something happens to the both of us while we are away?!? Who would we want to raise our daughter? Should I put this in writing?!? James and I have never really discussed this - but now I think its something we should do. God forbid anything happen to us, but I'd really hate for my family to have to go through any type of court ruling over who gets to raise my child if James and I are unable. I wish this would have come to me sooner. I do not feel this is a decision that can be made lightly, or in 2 days. There is just so much to consider. I called and mentioned this to James - b/c if we are going to put something in writing, I need to get it typed up and notarized as well before we leave. He was taken back by me bringing this up and said he would need to think about it and call me back. I don't blame him. I did just spring it on him out of nowhere. I just wonder now if we can come to an agreement on who we would find fit and able to raise our child and instill the values in her that we would have. Also who would she feel comfortable with and fit into their family as if she was their own...someone who could take her in, keep her safe and teach her right from wrong and love her as if she was their child. My goodness - just writing this makes me feel so emotional. I would never want Cori to feel scared or out of place, but I can't help but think that if something happened to the both of us that there would be no avoiding those feelings for her. I am very thankful that we have such a big family (both on James' side and my side) and I can not think of anyone that would turn Cori down, or not welcome her into their home with open arms. There are so many people that I would trust with Cori which is wonderful! We just have to look at it from all angles and decide who would be the perfect match for Cori....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Going a lil' nutty!

I'm in a great mood - nothing in particular to blog about, I just had it opened so I figured I'd put something down.

I'm stressed! Cruise in 5 days -- shopping is done but packing is not even close! Not only do I have to pack for myself, I'm pretty sure I'll end up packing for James, and not to mention, Cori. How do you pack for 7 days?!? I'm going to end up taking my entire closet/bathroom and 1/2 my bedroom!

It makes me so sad to pack for Cori. I have already packed her one bag, for her 3 days with her Nannie - that wasn't too bad, a few outfits, pj's, diapers, wipes and a cup. She can find things to play with there and she'll eat almost anything. I have to pack her a separate bag for the entire week of daycare, so my mom will only have to take her and pick her up and not have to worry about getting a bag ready for her everyday. Diapers, wipes, extra clothes, cups, snacks, blanket and of course the stupid check ($180). Packing for my mom will be easy. All Cori will need are clothes. My mom pretty much has everything I have at my house and she always buys diapers and wipes to keep there too. I've told Cori a few times that we are going to be gone for a week and I promise we will come back. She probably doesn't understand what I'm saying but I want her to know, just in case. I know she will be in good care but I'm just worried she'll stress out looking for "momma and daddy" and not being able to find us. I wish there was a way I could bypass the goodbyes to Cori - I hope I can let her go.

Packing for us on the other hand is not going to be fun! I plan to spend Saturday doing all the laundry (after I go get a pedicure!!) so anything we would want to take will be clean. We are only allowed to take suitcases that measure 24x16 which are TINY if you ask me! We will probably have to take 2 each. Poor James...the only luggage we own are cutsey ones that I have bought over time. One is HOT PINK, the other is Pink with lime green polka dots with a big bow attached, another that is brown with blue polkadots with a big bow attached and then a plain black one! Oh well, he'll manage!

I'm stressed trying to get organized at work so whoever is at my desk trying to get things done while I'm gone can find things they need easily. I have never been away from work this long...I'm actually pretty nervous to leave! I know when I come back there will be a lot to go through, put away, catch up on, fix and just get back in order....I know it will be fine...but I'm worried, especially since I wont be able to answer my phone to help if needed.

Ally and Beaux are staying with Mikki (SIL) for the week. I hope they don't drive her nuts, or tear up her blinds at her house! She knows Ally kills blinds so hopefully she'll take my advise and raise them just enough for her to see out, and she should be fine. Beaux is such a homebody and gets a little nervous. I hope having Miss Independent, knows everything (Ally) with him, he'll feel safe and secure. I would never separate them. I think Beaux would have a meltdown.

I have all our travel documents printed and ready to go! I just can't wait for 4pm on Sunday for our ship to depart! When that time wont matter if we forgot to pack something, or we are leaving our child for a week, or work is gonna be a mess when I return, or the dogs are chewing someones blinds -- there will be nothing I will be able to do about it and for 7 days I can (hopefully) have no worries and enjoy my vacation with my wonderful husband and great friends and allow myself to have an awesome time! I have no doubt that I'll come back with great stories/pictures of our adventure!

Now that I read over this, this is more like a pep talk/reminder list to myself =)

Friday, April 9, 2010


So my little precious had her 2nd Easter! She had so much fun! We had my family over to eat a late lunch outside! The weather was perfect! Memaw was in town - its always great to have Memaw around!! She's just too cute!

My child that will not smile for pictures!

I put the ears on her and she said "Noooo momma"

See, I told you she was cute!

Miss Thang in the yard hunting eggs!

She was just too cute when she was hunting her eggs. The first time I walked around and hid her eggs. She did excellent finding them and putting them in her bucket. She then started walking around and throwing eggs out of the bucket, just to walk around and pick them back up - she did this a few times!

I am so proud of my little girl! I never imagined that you could love someone so much! She is growing up so quickly and it makes me a little sad but so excited to watch her learn and grow and become a little person, rather than a baby! She talkes SO much and will mimic anything you say! Most of her words come out sounding really close to what they should sound like except one...she can not say Jimmy - she says Nema. Jimmy is our friend (Cori's boyfriend). She loves him!! He & Alexis lives accross the street and she always looks over there with her little hands out and says "Nema?" Good thing he loves her back! Cori is now 17 months old! She goes potty on the toilet and has now for about 2 months. She isn't able to tell us yet, so I just put her on there a few times each day and she always goes. Last night she went poo poo for the first time! Usually I put her on the potty, she goes and then wants up - well last night she kept pushing and some poo poo came out! I was so excited and so was she! I made a big deal about it, cheering and clapping and we even left it in the toilet so daddy and yaya could see! They clapped and cheered too! Her face was so happy as she clapped with us! Then she waved and said "bye bye" as she flushed! It was a proud moment! =) Who know poo could be so exciting?!?

So 9 days until we leave for our cruise! I'm so excited and nervous all at the same time! I am going to miss Cori so much! I know she will be fine, but obviously this is the longest I will have ever been away from her! She will stay in her normal routine, for the most part, going to daycare everyday like usual. She will stay the first part of the week with my mom and dad and then she will be going with James' mom for the last 3 days! It will be like a mini vacation for her. I just hope she doesn't feel home sick or sad that James and I are not around. I know that I get homesick so easy and I hate the feeling - so hopefully she's too young to feel that way! I have so much still to do to get us ready! James and I have never been on a vacation like this together, so I'm really looking forward to it! There is a group of 10 friends (5 couples) going so I know we will have a blast!

weight loss update: I have lost almost 20lbs! I feel great, but still have a little ways to go! I'm down to 165 and bought new jeans the other night, size 6!!! I was shocked! I got off track for a few weeks (a few weeks back) but I'm glad to be back on track! It feels good! I think I want to lose 20-30 more lbs - It may take a while, but I can do it - or at least that's what I keep telling myself! I just really need to lose my "muffin top". My legs and butt is where I'm losing most of my weight, but my upper body, mostly my stomach and love handles, just will not go away! I can tell in my neck and face that I've lost too! So that's good!

Work and everything else is going good. I'm in such a great place in my life! I wish I could drag this time out a little longer!