Monday, February 7, 2011


Cori is now working on her 4th day of NO PACI! She's doing so well! When I took them from her on Friday (after searching her room together for them, finding 5 and putting them in a zip lock) I told her we were giving them to a new baby that needed them - she came up with Bailey....I'm not sure who Bailey is, but he/she now has Cori's pacis. I think she asked for it a few times on Friday, but we reminded her that she's a big girl now and Bailey needs her pacis...she seemed to be okay with it. She took her nap and went to bed just fine without it. Maybe she was just ready?? We were cooped up all day due to icy roads, so we played all day long, inside.

I told Cori she would make an excellent Hobo - she pushed this stroller around all day with all the extra stuff on it as she could find. It reminded me of someone pushing a grocery card with all their "treasures". The bunny was her easter basket last year - she uses that to put our keys, cell phones, wallets (anything she can snag)

Saturday we were bored and needed to get out of the house! James and I decided to take Cori to the mall, let her play in the indoor playground area, see a movie & had lunch. Originally it was going to just be James and I seeing a movie and lunch, but the idea of ditching Cori made me feel bad so we all went as a family to see Yogi Bear. She was great in the movie and laughed (and talked) the entire time. It was okay though b/c all the other kids were doing the same! She LOVED her bag of popcorn and her big girl sprite. It was super cute!

Although she looks mad - I assure you she was not. I think the flash on my phone caught her off guard!

Saturday night we were playing around, She is getting really good and looking at the camera and saying "cheeeeeese" when asked, but we are now trying to work on a more normal look for her picture posing. She looks a little too cheese ball and she closes her eyes in most cases. If I tell her to say cheese, she gives these looks, but I if I say..."okay, now open your eyes" the smile goes completely away, but her eyes are wide open...its pretty funny. Ignore her CrAzY hair as we are trying to let bangs grow out...and her face was messy too....she's two...sometimes you just look rough! Notice too, that she has shorts on over her pj pants...she has her own fashion.



Sunday I hosted a jewelery party for Premiere Design Jewelry. I'll take a second to brag! I thought about selling this jewelry but decided I didn't have enough time to do a good job at it so decided to host a party instead for a friend that sells it. I had 7 guests attend (was hoping for 10 b/c I could have gotten $50 in free merchandise for having 10 guests...) The total sales were $261 - I got 30% of that in free $78 - then I got a $50 bonus for having my show on the originally scheduled date, and because Lisa was awesome, she threw in the other $50 for the 10 I had $178 to spend, and 2 - 1/2 priced items! I got 9 pieces of jewelry (including my free pair of ear rings just for being a host) for $26 - I am thrilled and can not wait to get my loot!

Later James went to a friends to watch and participate in the Super Bowl festivities (My boss was at the actual game) Cori and I had a mommy & daughter time! We went to the park...the weather was super perfect and she had a blast. The kid has NO fear. She scared me quite a few times while we were there an hour.



After the park, we went home, had dinner, watched a movie together curled up on the couch, took a bath and she went to bed, PACI FREE FOR THE 3RD NIGHT! I stayed up and watched a few episodes of The Little Couple. It's so fun to watch that show since it is based in Houston and I recognize all the freeways, places they go and things they see!

We had a funfilled, unexpected 3 day weekend!!

I forgot to mention that Saturday night Cori went to her Yaya's to hang out while Mommy and daddy did some adult stuff - We both went to Cavendar's & I got an early birthday present..the Ariat boots I have been wanting for a long time!! Then, he went to his friends house to watch the UFC fight and I went with my brother and sister in law to the Humble BBQ Cook off. Being at a cook off is not as fun when you are completely sober and have a showing baby bump. I felt like I was being looked at a lot like "Why would she come here" If music is playing, I like to dance and I felt too out of place to dance so I was kinda bored. Needless to say, I didn't stay long. I didn't even eat. I guess baby didn't like the smell of the BBQ. Speaking of baby - we find out in 2weeks and 2 days what "it" is! I can not wait!

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  1. Good post (nice and long and hilarious)! I can't wait to find out the gender of Baby #2!