Thursday, February 10, 2011

Taking backward steps...

I will start by saying that I already love this new baby times infinity - but with that said I will also say that this pregnancy does not make me as excited as I was with the first one. I'm 16 weeks pregnant and already over it, which is crazy b/c last time I LOVED every single thing about being pregnant. I think having a 2 y/o running around, throwing little fits, breaking things and talking back makes it harder to enjoy. When I was pregnant with Cori I would come home from work everyday and take a nap, then wake up feeling refreshed and get some chores around the house done - not this time. I'm constantly exhausted, find myself being grumpy more often than not and irritated easily (mostly with husband, who really isn't doing anything irritating). Sucks to say this, but I am my happiest when I am at work. Maybe its because I'm still not too tired, I don't have a whiney kid pulling my hair or a husband asking whats for dinner. I have some quite time at work. I feel like I'm being very selfish, but I can't help it. I try my best to stay positive and not neglect my family b/c don't get me wrong I love them so much and would be lost without them. I just need to get out of this "funk" mood I'm in. Weekends aren't so bad - I actually look forward to the weekends and we usually have a great time together as a family!!

Okay another sucky topic - I turn 25 tomorrow. BOOOO I Have never had a problem with a birthday and I have always looked forward to my birthday but something about 25 is really bothering me! I like 24, 24 has been good to me. Do I really need to be 25? Half way to 50? Twenty Five just sounds so old to me - like a full adult - no wiggle room to still be a "kid". Can we just skip to Saturday?

I titled this blog taking backward steps to describe my daughter. We are 6 days with no paci and I am thrilled! She is doing so that aspect. At school and at home however I feel like she's going a little bit backwards. Her teacher at school informed me yesterday that she was in time out 8 times yesterday for fighting with her friends. Hitting, pushing, kicking, and taking things away and saying mean things. She's crawling on the floor instead of walking, talking baby talk, and wanting to be held. She even asked me for a bottle last night. The kid hasn't had a bottle since she was 11 months old. Is she picking up on the baby in my belly and acting out? Lord I hope this changes, quick. I threatened her that if she doesn't behave today and tomorrow at school that I will pick her up before her Valentine's Party on Monday. She understands what I'm saying b/c she cries and says "I wanna go to my Valentine's Birthday Party" (Every "Party" is a Birthday Party to her...) As much as I want her to think I'm serious......I don't think I could do that to her. But maybe it's what she needs b/c her attitude lately is a bit out of control. I plan to make some cute little goodie bags for her class mates - I have some cute ideas - I'll post about that later.

I wonder what we will do this weekend for my birthday and valentines? We are working hard hard hard to pay off all debt before July and we are doing a good job! I'd hate to spend a lot of $ that could go towards bills, but sometimes when its your 25th birthday and you are dreading need to be spoiled. I'll leave that up to my husband. I'd be happy with not doing anything though, too. Heck, I don't even know what I want. Maybe I'll ask my mom babysit this weekend and I'll stay in my pj's and take as many naps as I want and make James do the laundry LOL.

Okay, I'm done being Debbie Downer. I'm gonna get to work now.

Because my blog was so down and gloomy I'll end on a happy note and a happy face. Mabye I need an attitude adjustment as well as my baby girl....


  1. First off, Cori's behavior is no different than any other 2 or 3 year old, for sure! They don't call it the terrible two's for nothin!
    I remember taking my son to the indoor McDonald's play area when he was 2...I worried the whole time that he was going to push or hit another kid (for no reason too!)
    Ahhhhh 25, I wish I was that age again...okay, not really, but I wish I had the energy I did at 25!
    Happy Birthday!!

  2. Terrible Tow's?? Not my perfect angel!! HA - yeah I always forget that saying until someone reminds me! Hopefully she grows out of it soon!

  3. Twenty-five may sound a little old. But do you know what sounds even older? Twenty-SEVEN (me) and twenty-NINE (Chet). Don't worry about Cori. Just keep doing what you're doing, and the next thing you know she'll be in a completely different stage (says the mom with only 12 months of experience!). Also, don't feel bad about enjoying your time at work. I'm ready to be out of the Navy and a stay-at-home mom, but I'm also a little scared, because that means there's no escape...

  4. I've had a day like that today-- just think i suck. THIS sucks!!
    AND... I'm about to turn 27-- HUSH IT with your 25 business!!!

    Maddox just developed an imaginary friend...
    I am beating myself up over it-- What am I doing wrong?? Why does he need someone fake in his life?
    we only talk about him once a day... and it started a few days after we started potty training... is he not ready?!
    I need a nap.
    and a massage.

  5. Imaginary friends are just signs that he's developing and able to use his imagination! I wouldn't worry too much about that. I would have never thought that creating an imaginary friend and potty training would be related. I'm sure its a phase and he'll grow out of it one day. I had an imaginary friend when I was a kid and I'm perfectly normal now.......wait.....or am I???

    A massage sounds wonderful, and a nap about a nap while getting a massage?!?