Friday, January 27, 2012

Levi is 6 Months Old

Last Friday I took Levi to his 6 months appointment. He got 4 shots and was not happy about that. He's 15lbs, 22" (15% in both areas) and a big head coming in at 65%. He's a little guy, still wearing 6 month clothes.

We found out he has Plagiocephaly. His little noggin is misshaped therefore making his ears uneven. Its not that bad right now but we were referred to a plastic surgeon (which we saw Tuesday) and he thinks a cranial helmet will fix this in 3-4 short months. We are waiting to hear back from our insurance to see if they will cover. Dr. said chances are they will NOT cover it (considered to be a cosmetic fix) and we are looking at 3-4k for the helmet and treatment. He said that we could do without the helmet and HOPE that his head corrects as he gets older but it could also get worse. I don't want to take those chances. I want to get it over with now and move on. I was very upset about this (even though I knew his head had a flat spot, I was just in denial) and I've cried my tears, but I know that things will be okay. He's small and wont remember. I just get my feelings hurt easy when it comes to my kids. Looking at these pictures now, I can tell how bad it is. In person he's moving so much you don't notice AS bad. my poor guy. Prayers that the helmet works, and works fast will definitely be appreciated!! Oh, I forgot to mention. this is not painful to him, it is not affecting his brain in anyway, and the "fix" will not be painful either. They are hopeful that it will not get any worse and no surgery will be needed. Thank you God!

We are taking 6 month pictures with the wonderful Amanda Adams with Day-Z Photography on Saturday, and I'm thrilled!! I can't wait to see what she comes up with. She's nearly 33 weeks pregnant and still working hard...she's super woman! 


  1. I can not wait to see your pics!!

    Levi is such a cute little guy-- I know the pics will be precious!!

    As for as the helmet goes... I would do it! (especially if insurance will pay)
    My dr thinks they are cosmetic and is slow to recommend them, but we have a few kiddos that needed them and declined them, and everytime they come in, her and I discuss this topic. It is cosmetic, but boys will most likely have short hair their whole life and it will be more noticeable un-fixed. Not really a big deal for girls, since their hair masks the problem!!

    Even in his helmet, he will be beautiful! THey really aren't that bad. Promise.
    (And I know how you like cammo... there is an option for that too!)

  2. So sorry you're dealing with this. I will keep your little guy in my prayers. I can't believe it is considered cosmetic surgery. Ridiculous. I think you're it while he's little and get it over with.