Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 11th Already?

Where has all the time gone? It seems that It was just Christmas, now it's almost Easter!

Last weekend Cori went and spent the night with someone besides grandparents! I was a little nervous at first but it all turned out okay! We had tickets to the Houston Rodeo and to see Jason Aldean and my mom already had dinner plans with her friends, and James' mom was going to the rodeo as well so Cori went to spend the night with James' brother and SIL, and her two cousins Asher and Emma! She went over there early on Saturday morning and went to watch Asher play in his baseball game. After the game they played at the park for the rest of the day! Amanda said Cori had so much fun and played so hard! She had a bath dinner and was asleep for the night by 6:45. Sunday she woke up with a little sunburn but nothing to major! I'm glad she gets to spend time with her cousins!
She swings and says "WEEEE"
Asher and Emma pushing Cori around at the park
My poor Missy got some sun!! I think this was right before she went to bed, she looks soo pooped!

Sunday we went to the park again to watch James play softball. While we were there we went to the little playground area. Cori loves to swing and slide. She cried when I made her get in the car to go home!!!! She loves to be outside.

On a not-so-good note - we found out that my grandmother, who has been fighting cancer for years now has kidney damage and only working 40% of what it should. Apparently the Chemo treatments have damaged her only kidney. We are not sure what the next steps are at this point as the information isn't very full - my mom plans to go with her to her next dr. appointment to find more information out and ask the questions we all have!

Also, I got news yesterday that my uncle Delroy, my dad's older brother passed away. I haven't seen him in years and have no relationship with him at all as he has been in and out of prison my entire life. We don't know the story on his death either. They are performing an autopsy on him today. They say he collapsed in his cell and was life flighted to a hospital in Houston, from Huntsville. I think there is a small viewing/memorial on Saturday.

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  1. Cori is such a little trooper! And I'm sorry to hear about your grandma, Case. You're in our prayers!