Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I've always loved photography and been interested in it for a while and I think I'm finally ready to peruse it, as a hobby - nothing too serious, unless I just get so bad ass at it =)

I have a friend and a cousin that are helping me out on where to start! I think I'm gonna go with Canon EOS Digital Rebel T1i- I found a great deal on a bundle package from Best Buy. It will probably be a few months before I can afford to drop 1k on it though. I'm thinking of taking donations!! =) We are so broke right now its uncomfortable! We have recently just acquired a 2nd mortgage and that is NOOOOO fun at all. Before James and I got married he had purchased a house and rented it out. It was always nice to have the extra income each month - well in January, the renters moved out without telling us! We have now paid 3 months mortgage on it while we are trying to sell it. Also we have our vacation next month that isn't cheap either! I am thinking that I will not get my camera until after all the dust settles and we get back in our regular groove....OH - and James is talking about baby #2 we'll see! I need a way to make some extra money!!! Maybe I should get a second job on the weekends?!?!

Maybe for the time being I'll take Shelley's advise and just start getting books to read about it and getting my feet wet in the forums! I just don't think I'll be able to stand it - reading "how too" books but not being able to read and then practice! I'll just have to tough it up!

I know lots of people with kids and I think that I would have a lot of little models to practice on!!! Also, my friend, Kristen, who just had a new baby girl had some newborn shots done and they were so beautiful and I just fell in love! I can't wait to be that good!!!

So anyway, you can make donations to my paypall account =) HAHA j/k

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  1. Since $$$ is tight - though I do recommend BUYING "Understanding Exposure" you can also use your local library as a resource for many books on the topic. To be COMPLETELY honest though - I learned much more from the forums and playing with my gear than from reading books.
    You can still use your camera right now to play with and do a lot of the things. And just try some fun stuff. Create some situations for pictures. Take Cori to the park and get on her level. You have lots of pictures of her from your height looking down - get on your knees and see what she sees!
    When shooting inside try to stay towards your windows with natural light. The best light is usually in the morning till 9am and in the evening from 5:30 till dark!